Eve Gate replacement?

Will there ever be an Eve Gate replacement? In Eve, meta-gaming has always been a critical part of the overall game experience, and Eve Gate gave players the tools they needed to make that happen. There’s still a cavity left over in the forum experience, when someone mentions their corporation, and I want to find out what corporation that is. If I click on their name, though, I only see useless stats about the way they use the forum. Nothing more about who they are in-game.

It’s just so shallow here without it. Is something going to move in to restore that functionality? I get that it was costly but surely there’s a cheaper, API centric method for restorin game functionality? The forums were PART of the game. Eve Gate was crucial to that end. We really need something in place to restore that bridge between forum and game.

Meta-gaming is part of Eve, and it’s hurting the core players by removing it. I think people are leaving because of it. I use the forums way less now because I consider it a shallow and useless experience

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There are sites that will give you those details like eve-who etc

Its probably not high up the list of things they want to get sorted

I thought for a second there you ment the actual Eve gate ingame, leading back to the milky way :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember CCP saying something like “We are working on another website” or something like that, but i could be wrong.

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Everything in eve gate is possible via API, so there’s nothing to stop you or anybody else building theur own eve gate alternative.

dnt ask CCP to do actual work away from the core of eve, they have a horrible track record of being lazy and since eve started over 2/3s of their staff has been fired.

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