EVE graphics otpimization

Hi! Recently I recognized permanent FPS decreasing on my EVE client so I started testing display settings. I hadn’t any problems with full graphics settings until now. In previous years EVE got graphics upgrades and effects which may cause lower performance. I have a HP Omen, run 2 clients on windows, RTX 2070 Q max design and i7 10750. So should you give me advices with which settings changing may I get higher performance but not at the cost of graphics quality?

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Sound eats up more resources than you think. Turn most of them off and you might see performance improvements. Personally I turn off everything that isn’t a warning.

Brackets are another resource hog. Adjusting the bracket settings in your overview so you only see the ones you need to see can help as well. I know in big fleets I get a performance boost on Quality graphics if I turn off most brackets.

But yeah, EvE’s graphics aren’t so great that any decent GPU can’t stomp on them, so your FPS hit is probably coming from somewhere else and the GPU is compensating like it’s supposed to. :grin:

If I use the no 3D toggle → CTRL+Shift+F9 I get over 100 frames per second, since there is only 2D menus and icons for the GPU to chew on. If I turn off various aspects; shaders, debris, trails, etc. then I get about 50 to 80 depending on how crowded the system. With everything to the max I drop to 20 frames per second and my client tends to crash to desktop in crowded areas like Jita.

My GPU isn’t a modern one, but it was pretty much common market 2 or 3 years ago. I have to turn off the launcher, most of the time, after the client starts. This seems to free up computer resources.

I have noticed on my windows (GTX 1060) installation that setting DX 11 results in a more consistent, but higher ( %60+ ) GPU utilisation, whereas DX12 seems to range between 30-80 quite a lot more, but I have not done detailed logging to illustrate.

On linux DX12 cases the client to crash. DX11 with the same settings works fine. GPU usage is high, but CPU is the real killer with DX12 taking up way more CPU.

For ‘least painful’ settings, I would set 'for performance and then turn on everything except high quality textures, as that’s where the most performance loss was during my testing. Also setting the client to ‘download the full eve client’ helps with some lag cause by the dynamic download, but even with this toggled you can see the spinny dynamic download circle twirling away from time to time.

Looks like CCP is updating the graphics engine in the near future. May want to join the test server on Tuesday and ask all your graphics related questions there. :innocent:

Other friends also said the same, if an RTX 3070 (my friend has) is not enough for EVE Online that’s a problem from a long time. XD

After DT against 100-120 FPS… So it may be a server problem I guess.

Game developers add new unnoticed details to the game in almost every patch. Among them are higher quality textures and object detalization. You may have noticed that some ships have more exterior components and are smoother. It adds way more vertices and vectors for the CPU and higher load on shaders for the GPU. In some environments the load can be low while in others - high. As mentioned above, try DX11 and downgrade reflections and shadows. It can be high load for two clients for a i7-10750H CPU 12MB L3 @ DX12.

Add some load and check if Turbo Boost works properly, check the CPU temperature. On high temperature check if the cooler/fan isn’t dusty and, IDK, improve the cooling somehow. “The upgrade request is on horizon”…

I run an RTX 3070 and I assure you it is plenty for EVE.

I run all max settings and I do just fine in incursion fleets. Probably would turn it down for NS tho.

Vsync solved the 500 fps station overheat for me so thank god CCP added that.