Low FPS 4060

I am really struggling to play Eve on my new gaming laptop.

I’ve got the Gigabyte G5 12500 with a 4060 and I am getting around 30-50 fps with all settings at max then dropping another 10 fps with them set to low.

I have set it to use the 4060 and not the onboard Intel graphics and I’ve checked the usage for both while in game and it doesnt go above 10%.

I have the latest drivers installed. Is there something I’m missing?


Recommend trying to fall back to DX11 first to see if this improves things:

If not, then best to work with the technical GM’s: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Then attach the following to the support case:

and the output from:

Is it like this 100% of the time or when doing certain missions. I know the Aura assistance highlighting drastically lowers FPS to slideshow levels when doing those career agent missions. In this case, close the mission sidebar. Also, I’ve noticed that having The Agency open in the background lowers performance. It must be completely closed, not minimized. May not be your issue, but just thought I’d mention these.

Is your cooler full of dust? (edit: presumably not on a “new laptop”)
Is your memory low speed? (<DDR4-3000)
Have you removed the crapware that came with the laptop?
What resolution are you trying to drive?
Have you experimented with power profiles? On my desktop AMD’s balanced plan does better than Microsoft’s performance plan

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