100% GPU Usage

Im using GTX 1660 super and my GPU Is always within 100% usage while running EVE online whether I’m in space or hanger it doesn’t matter when i just turn to any game else it uses from 50 to 75 % even if it’s a game that uses a lot of graphic.

I only manage to make GPU usage under 70% when playing EVE only if i set everything to low.

I don’t have lag whether it’s on low / medium / high but the problem is just with GPU usage.

if there is anything to fix that or a setting to low it that would be appreciated.


Have you allready tried to switch from DirectX 12 back to DirectX 11 in the Launchers Game Client Settings?

do u mean select run Eve with LogLite ?

No, in The Launcher you have a Setting for selecting DirectX 11 or 12 …

there is no such settings

excuse the poorly drawn arrows but:

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I said in the launcher Settings, not ingame :wink:

The real solution since CCP removed the Vsync FPS limit in the game

For AMD, ■■■■ out of luck your drivers suck, get a third party tool like Rivatuner and limit FPS since AMDs Radeon Chill is extremely limited and bugged and can maximum apply to a single client, and doesnt always work in Window Mode. Also causes stutter occasionally.

For Nvidia:
Make a game profile for exefile.exe and set the Maximum Framerate to desired ( i always go with refreshrate of monitor which is 144 ), always works and applies to all instances of Eve Online.
Example : (other language but you get the gist)

AMD FSR 1.0 option also help a lot. Set it correctly and your CPU/GPU drops drastically.

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