Eve Ideas and desire to get back to

Hello Eve

I have a request the ability to access my Alt to do a station walk in my hanger room again and also in a main public bar, (Star Wars type drinking bar,:wink::joy:, with occasional shot outs and laser swords, and Concord arresting someone, Interactive missions agents walking up to me, asking if I am interested based on my skill and experience). :joy::wink: The good Olds days, Yoda, Chewbaca and Han Solo say, “Hmm yes.” This could be a extra ISK earner,Hmm yes more passive month ISK please, my I idea. Ingame add on as a monthly payment in player stations and others. The market trend player dream place, :joy::sunglasses:

I desire my most recent logon does show in my corporation tabs as far as who last was online. Well this would be great to remind me who I last logon in the Eve launcher, I mean that the character, time played, location. This can be a mouse over or a small window that is displayed along side of each login. I am a software engineer/ developer, so I have a little knowledge that this possible. I would also like Fleet Commanders to give everyone the abilities to access Corp Depot and Containers.

Yours Sincerely,
08.30.2019 :joy:
Since 2003 player

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