EVE in 2023 - Your Wishes & Hopes


Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. 2023 will soon be upon us.

What are your wishes for your playstyle, your EVE careers, game mechanics, corporation, general EVE development ect…?

EVE is vast and complex, very complicated due to the thousand modules and ships/sectors/skill mechanics associated with them, often the Information window leaves a lot to be desired when compared to online documentation.
-I wish a lot more could be explained in-game. The tutorial, though fun and informative, isn’t really a tutorial, it’s more like an exposition to what follows.
-I hope to understand EVE and it’s confusing world during next year’s play.

What do you wish and hope for next year?


I hope Eve Online realizes World of Warcraft subscriber numbers, circa 2016.

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Dear Santa
For christmas I would like ganking to be removed completely from the game.

And a pony if possible.


I want them to add a supper capital ship from the society of consiy thought

Why? Supers have such limited uses unless you’re under a Big Umbrella.


@Mindahouf_Davaham How long to train into a Super Capital?
Sounds expensive, too.

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Download EVEMon and see for yourself. It’s very helpful and user-friendly.

It works fine with Windows 11.


146 days or 1.12b ISK for Injectors. :syringe:

Long term goal.

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But you’re looking at a lot more training to fit it properly. Not to mention 30-34b for the Hull.

Skins are optional. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Society of conscious thought ships only need space ship command 1

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I wish the forums were like CCP promised.


How do you download it? On website, link don’t work and github release is from 2016…

edit: scratch it. Found up to date fork

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fewer clicks

Seriously, the whole “claim your daily login stuff” has gotten out of hand. WAY TOO MANY clicks!

Better ore in null sec, not just veldspar in high sec, nerf citadel tether, come up with a system for fair contesting of timezone tanking for both sides, no keepstars in high sec, lower omega price, remove t2 and Pi materials from t1 battleships, and partridge in a pear tree.


The “best ore” should be at the undock of Jita 4•4.

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Didn’t say best ore I said better ore, but also just no.

They are invariably under-rated ships. You can get a Gnosis, for example, to just under 3 seconds align time. Or you can get it to 100K EHP, or 1000 DPS. Not bad for a ship costing 60m ISK or so. You can even get a Sunesis to under 2 seconds align time…ideal for hauling small but expensive items.

The Gnosis is one of the very first ships my noob alts go for. On a training time scale where others are still flying various faction destroyers…I’m flying round in a battlecruiser.