Eve Install on OpenSUSE TW


I have been on OpenSUSE TW for several months now and have neglected to re-install Eve (MS Win10).

Has anyone installed it on OpenSUSE yet? And do we have clear instructions on how to do so? I would appreciate you pointed me on the right track so I can go ahead and reinstall it!

Thanks o7

I’m using OpenSuse Leap, and have eve installed in two ways. The easiest one uses DX11 to translate to vulkan, which currently seems to have some stability issues:

Install the Steam client, and “buy” the free eve online client. Toggle the properties and switch to Proton 4.11-7. When you start eve and log in, toggle ‘windowed mode’ and switch off post-processing. That has so far been stable for me.

The following is more stable, but it uses the DX9 wine translation layer, so it’s less performant.

The other option is to install wine on opensuse using zypper (wine 3.7 on Leap), and run the windows installer for eve with wine. Once that’s done I actually created a symlink in ~/.eve/wine to /usr. I then set up the launcher to run a custom wine /usr/bin/wine and set it to run in DX9 mode.


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