EVE Installing

(Aemergin Milesios) #61

Looks like he took his entire site down :frowning:
I was hoping to use that script myself, been having trouble trying to beat this thing into submission and that script seemed to be working for people.

(Drogen Shote) #62

thats a shame, unless hes gonna reupload the scripts himself im gonna leave a mirror for an older but still working version https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pspyAOQG1xhZKDrwt7Rp_TqsCOwcJili (64Bit)

(Gharim Turen) #63

After setting up an Arch Linux installation i have found some glitches on my last AUR packages, which not appeared on Manjaro. The package qt5-webengine has on Arch less dependencies so that evelauncher missing some libs which are fulfilled on Manjaro by installing qt5-webengine.
This patch used on evesetup-1385477-2.src.tar.gz should fix that

--- a/PKGBUILD  2018-09-29 12:41:05.000000000 +0200
+++ b/PKGBUILD  2018-10-03 03:29:25.076141105 +0200
@@ -11,7 +11,10 @@
+        'qt5-declarative'
+        'qt5-location'
+        'qt5-webchannel'
@@ -55,6 +58,7 @@
        cp ${srcdir}/evelauncher/evelauncher* ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib
        cp ${srcdir}/evelauncher/LogLite* ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib
        cp ${srcdir}/evelauncher/libg* ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib
+       cp ${srcdir}/evelauncher/libprotobuf.so.16.0.0 ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib
        cp ${srcdir}/evelauncher/libsteam_api.so ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib
        cp -f ${srcdir}/evelauncher.sh.real ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib/evelauncher.sh
        ln -sf evelauncher.sh ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib/LogLite.sh
@@ -65,6 +69,8 @@
        ln -sf libgrpc++.so.1.12.0 ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib/libgrpc++.so.6
        ln -sf libgrpc.so.6.0.0 ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib/libgrpc.so
        ln -sf libgrpc.so.6.0.0 ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib/libgrpc.so.6
+       ln -sf libprotobuf.so.16.0.0 ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib/libprotobuf.so
+       ln -sf libprotobuf.so.16.0.0 ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib/libprotobuf.so.16
        chmod 0755 ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib/*
        chmod 0644 ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib/*.qm
        cp ${srcdir}/qt.conf ${pkgdir}/opt/evelauncher/lib

Recend status from evelauncher here

– fly safe o7

(Drogen Shote) #64

hey man when could we expect a new installer package? the others got nuked D:.

(Gharim Turen) #65

After shutdown from my website and losing most of the data from there i have from the last AUR Packages a new AUR package created with some changes and fixes which are maybe usefull for users, who want to stay by the Linux launcher. But as an AUR Package are only sources available and you must build the Installer Package for yourself. Have a look at

AUR (en) - evesetup

The changed name comes only from my mail address so don’t be afraid :slight_smile:

(Gharim Turen) #66

Today i have the build script, which you can use to create an installer for other linux distributions,
a little revised. If you want to build your own installer, just download a snapshot or clone the git.
Untar the snapshot and fire up the build_installer.sh and a bit later you have your own installer created if nothing goes wrong ofc.

(Gharim Turen) #67

Ok, sometimes things going wrong. I have tested the build script from downloaded AUR snapshot on a shiny, new installed Ubuntu 18.10.
First, on a Ubuntu default installation are curl not included, because apt uses wget i suppose. On Arch-based distributions are curl used in the package manager.
Second, if you build AUR packages first and then use the build script after, the external sources are in place which are not the case, when you use the build script first.

In the end you must curl install with your package manager build_installer.sh need it, or change the lines in the script with the curl command to wget.

An new snapshot can you download here Evesetup snapshot 2018-10-20
AUR are now in sync with the last changes

By starting the EVE Launcher i get following error which i suppress with removing the libxcb* files from the launcher directory:

evelauncher: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libGLX_mesa.so.0: undefined symbol: xcb_dri3_get_supported_modifiers

Launcher fails to start - missing symbols after update
(Whitehound) #68

What if you were to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH so it picks up the system’s libxcb before the one by CCP?

If you really need to delete it then it suggests the path to the library was hardcoded into the launcher (i.e. with LD_RUN_PATH or -R) and this shouldn’t be when the Linux-native launcher wants to remain portable.

(Dravick Afterthought) #69

The Wine version seems, in the main, to be OK, but I’ve found a couple of issues :-1:

  1. When the sun is in certain positions on the screen it flashes like mad, flickering the whole screen image. Moving the viewpoint just a little bit gets rid of it till you move to a new position in space, when it can come back again.

  2. I’ve always had the occasional hang of the Client, requiring killing it with a system tool and restarting, but in the Wine version it hangs the Launcher as well, so that has to be killed and restarted before the Client can be restarted. Is this a normal Wine-Eve experience ?

(Whitehound) #70

Both are not normal. The first could be caused by an older graphics driver. The second could be anything. You should check your hardware first and see if it is running too hot. Check if you have vsync enabled. Then check how much memory you have left when you run it.

(Dravick Afterthought) #71

Bear in mind that this is the same hardware and software as has successfully been running Eve in ‘Linux’ mode for the past 6 moths. The only change is that it’s now running the Launcher (and presumably the client) under Wine.

Would Wine install it’s own version of the graphics driver ? I never had the ‘flashing sun’ problem on the Linux-only client.

My hardware is pretty old (it was a very high-spec system bought 10 years ago, although the graphics card is only half that age), so it could just be old and tired. I’ve run various hardware tests over the years, and the only thing that was ever found was a memory fault for which I replaced the component). Temperature is OK, Nvidia utility shows it at 61 C, only just over the green. I’m using less than 50% of the memory, and none of the CPU’s are anywhere near 100%.

Where will I find vsync in order to check if it’s on, please ?

(Whitehound) #72

The game client runs independent from the launcher. So whatever graphics problem you have with the game client would be visible with either launcher.

Vsync is enabled by setting the present interval in the graphics options to the game (see the ESC-menu). “Interval One” means 60fps or 1:1 to your monitor’s refresh rate. Without vsync will you get tearing and your gfx card will run quit hot. Higher interval numbers mean less fps, but still in sync with your monitor. Assuming a 60HZ monitor does Interval Two stands for 30fps (=60/2), Interval Three stands for 20fps (=60/3) and Interval Four stands for 15fps (=60/4).

If your window manager comes with a compositor then try to disable it. Window compositors can cause issues with graphics software. That’s another common source of problems for gaming on Linux.

I don’t know anything about the AMD graphics drivers, but you want to check them, too, if you need to have any specific settings enabled or which of the drivers work best (open source or proprietary).

For Nvidia may you need to enable the Composite Pipeline in the Advanced settings to the display, assuming you’re using the proprietary Nvidia driver. I don’t know if the open source driver will actually work, possibly not.

(Dravick Afterthought) #73

That’s what I thought - but the fact remains that in 6 months of Linux-only play I’ve never seen the ‘sun-flicker’ issue before, whereas it’s now a constant source of irritation.

I only have options for ‘Interval Immediate’ and ‘Interval One’, switching between them makes no difference. As an experiment I tried changing all the Graphics options to ‘Low’, ‘Disabled’, ‘Off’ or ‘None’, but this made no difference either.

I’m not sure what a ‘compositor’ is, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one mentioned.

i have an Nvidia GTX560 with Nvidia driver 384.130. I can’t find a ‘Composite Pipeline’ setting anywhere.

(Whitehound) #74

The only difference I can think of is that you may have been using CCP’s WINE over your own when you were running the Linux-native launcher. If so then you want to update your WINE, i.e. by getting the latest directly from WineHQ or update your distro.

That the graphics options make no diference whatsoever seems strange. Did you click Apply?

Window compositors come with most window managers these days. The window managers themselves have a big impact on game performance. So does GNOME eat quit a lot of resources and will lower your frame rate noticeably. I’m using Xfce4 for this reason, because it gives me the best performance. Both GNOME and Xfce4 have window compositors and they’re enabled by default. You want to disable them for games. Just use Google to find out more about it.

The 384 driver is also getting a little old. 390 is what many use if not 396 or even 410. If you want to use DXVK then you really want 396.54.02 or newer, because Nvidia fixed many Vulkan bugs with the 396 series and it can be seen in EVE Online, too, when running DXVK.

The option for the Composition Pipeline is here to see:

The option to enable or disable the window compositor for Xfce4 can be seen here:

(Gharim Turen) #75

I have today my website recreated with the last status of the evelauncher installer. You will there not find downloads from the installer anymore, because the transfervolumes from this site are limited. You must build them for yourself from the sources, which are not a great effort i think.

Have a look at Setup Solution for EVE Linux Launcher

(Dravick Afterthought) #76

I downloaded and installed the latest stable WINE distribution (3.0.3) before installing windows Eve.

Yes, I clicked ‘Apply’. This is possibly a misunderstanding, the only thing changing the various settings didn’t affect was the ‘flickering sun’ issue, the rest of the display changed as expected for each setting variation.

Thanks - I’ll investigate later Nvidia drivers. The one I have at the moment doesn’t have any Composition Pipeline settings, might be an indication of it’s age I suppose. I’m on Cinnamon rather than Gnome, so I need to establish if that has a Window Compisitor too - as you say, Google is my friend.

(Dravick Afterthought) #77

Found a work-round for the client hangs - see

> Blockquote

(Andris Arickson) #78

Working on Fedora 29 + NVIDIA 415.25 + Wine 4.0 rc2 + all the 32/64 libraries under the sun + winetricks x(a lot)

(Gharim Turen) #79

I have for some days my site updated with a new version from the standalone, ready-to-use installer which use lesser space and download the required binaries from CCP only on demand.

Update: Added today (2018-12-22) a checksum routine to the installer to verify the downloaded archive. No need to install the setup again if you have used an actual version from AUR or from my site before.

(Gharim Turen) #80

The only 32bit libraries which you should need are the dependencies from 32bit-wine, the libraries from the 32bit nvidia driver and in case you want to use dxvk, 32bit vulkan support.