Eve is Beautiful

So I just took one of my toons out for a quiet drive around the new9ish) Jita 4.4…and it is just spectacular…like space meets Bladerunner or something. I spend sooo much time concentrating on all sorts of information and other stuff in the game that I really hadn’t bothered to just stop, stick a ship in orbit, and just enjoy the spectacle.

I gotta say it’s worth doing.


It’s nicer in null and W-space or other places outside highsec

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I’m sure you’re right - it’s just that when I’m in Lo sec or W-Space, I’m too busy with D-scan/comms etc to really look around…and I haven’t been in 0.0 for a long time now.

Narh… graphics are overrated, when one can find endless enjoyment from games with graphics like the below.


IMO, gameplay > graphics.


You should visit a system with the Electrical metaliminal storm. The effect makes EVE look like the submarine simulator that it actually is code-wise. :smiley:


Ha! Actually I got addicted to a Space Empire game on my iPhone a while back that realy had no graphics at all…mate, I played Zork!!! :smiley:

Also be sure to try fireworks and if have the opportunity participate in the annual snowball fight event (see some related screenshots in the below posts):


If you take the time to “slow down” and not be zoomed out into excel sheet mode EVE is a beautiful game. Visiting Jita for the first time (I started playing a couple of weeks ago) is an event, there is just so much detail in things. Personally I prefer the Amarr aesthetics including the “sky box” but it all looks good in its own right.

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Wow! Great shots! I’ve never really done the fireworks launcher thing - got a hangar full of fireworks tho…

You may be new to the game but I think you’re right. I’ve been playing on and off with various Toons since 2009 or so and, tbh, the artwork and graphical detail of the game has grown up around me, largely without me really noticing it. Today I kind-of felt like the slow-boiled frog lol - never noticed how much the virtual World around me had changed until I stopped playing internet spaceships and just, well, looked!

i love rogues
my favorite nowadays

so awesome :smiley:
btw i agree , eve is beautiful


Eve is still not up to this par of immersion

And we even had music in the 80’s play as we scraped the letterbox

Elite Dangerous needs a VR vector mode

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Defender was always my favourite game when I was a kid…


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one of the reasons i’m bad at pvp. I dont zoom out