Eve is Multiboxing 2 win - a new player experience

Um, yes.

Nah on Moonguard I had only to RP with a Worgen who had a Druid with two heads as my pet to partner my Worgen was a Warrior and the other person was playing the Druid

/multi box on Normal Realms with myself and even was able to do raids at max level. In saying such, agree that multiple characters is a form of pay to win.

//to be able to RP first needs time to know the person’s backstory. Without that then most likely it is via discovery only!

///so far in New Eden the discovery process is just costing me isk.

well, I lose



How about those fleet of freighter bots? I guess they are “winning” too, right?
Five, six… eight Obelisks

We should put together a crew and kill those even if there’s no loot, build Obelisks on the side and put them in the market. Hull based kills

Hey… Some of those might be working for red frog and suggest that they are left alone!

heheeh I know what you mean… well Freighter Friends aren’t around these days anymore so Red Frog is doing their job now, right? Some FFs even became RFs :joy:

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Its ok Michael, not all can be wieners :rofl::rofl:


I’m sorry but this is atrociously idiotic. One team doesn’t get an extra two guys on the field because the other teams players are better or more experienced lmao

If you think for one minute there isn’t metagaming like this for other MMOs you’re out to lunch.

High level sweaty echelons of gameplay nearly always involves multiple accounts. You think those race to world firsters in WoW have one account each?

It is particularly egregious in Eve but its also countered by risk in many situations and truly high end gameplay in Eve requires more people than simply multiboxing allows for.


Well its also the case that multiboxing is not exactly free, and there’s no discount for a second account. So multiboxers are paying for any ‘advantage’…one way or another. And why shouldn’t a person who is prepared to put more investment into a game get more out of it. I mean…that’s generally how the rest of the world works.

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Since when was EvE the same as soccer?

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I dunno…
Seeing soccer players taking a dive, rolling in the field clutching various parts of themselves over the slightest bump in play and trying to milk a penalty is remarkably similar to many threads on these forums…

Specifically the “gAnKeRs RuIn GaEm!@!” And “EVE is P2W” threads…


And with that, you’ve convinced me!


Since when did we forget how to think logically?

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ISk is free and plexing accounts is not hard.

It’s not p2win by a long shot!

/Kekw I already have my October payment to Princess ready and waiting.

Yeah, I don’t understand how different games can have different sets of rules. Frankly, it’s bizarre. We should all just play the one game with the one set of rules in perfect uniformity.

There is a more or less infinite number of external factors that will put one party or another at some sort of advantage or disadvantage in this game, and there is nothing particularly unique about multiboxing in this regard.

-Some people have friends, some people don’t.
-Some people have the time/resources/desire to nolife a video game 18 hours a day, some people touch grass.
-Some people are smart, some people are not.
-Some people are adaptable, some people are not.
-Some players have been accumulating in-game wealth and skills (not to mention game knowledge) for the last 20 years, some people have been playing for a month and fancy they know everything there is to know already.

I would say each and every one of the above are a far greater source of “advantage” than being able to run multiple accounts. Most of them are also much more difficult to attain. Can’t make friends? Good luck changing your personality. Don’t have infinite free time? Just win the lottery or move back in with your mum. Haven’t been accumulating ISK since the early 2000s? Try time travel.

You don’t have to, and most multiboxers (especially people who multibox “at scale”) are absolutely not paying their subs with cash, but are self-funding them with in-game earnings. Being smart, adaptable, and having the time/desire to nolife a video game makes this a LOT easier.

The moment one starts posting on these forums.

BTW, I don’t actually think that multiboxing gives some sort of advantage, nor do I think it’s P2W.

I was being a brat and dragging another thread into this one.

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Lol fair enough.

I definitely think it is pay to win - not sure how you could really state otherwise.

However with eve there is no permanent, or even seriously significant “win” really anywhere in the game, and there is so much counter play possibility that it almost doesn’t matter.

So I’m cool with it but i definitely think it is a “pay to win” style mechanic. Nowhere near as bad as something like golden ammo though.

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I am not familiar with WoW, but races to max level are common in other games I play like Diablo or Path of Exile.

These games are very high-paced and requires a lot of input (unlike EVE) so multiboxing is nearly impossible. There is also no PvP (or you can avoid it very easily) so there is no need for “scout” alts which only provide intel either. You don’t need it there.

Yes it is obvious that the players who manage to get 99 in PoE in a three or two days are definitely not achieving this solo. But I see no reason why would anyone think they are multiboxing. Unless they are cheating and running bots with those extra accounts, it is just not doable. Instead I think it is a combined effort of multiple players who are supporting the runner with items and currency they farm for him. Possibly also account sharing so the run can be done without sleep, but I would not be suprised if that is achieved by single player without sleep. Some peoples are willing to go to even to such lengths to achieve their goal.

Multiboxing is not a thing in other MMOs. It is a grey zone and almost everytime used exclusively for cheating.

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