Eve is Multiboxing 2 win - a new player experience

Let me start by saying that I am a new eve player (I played 1 month some time ago, and now I’m playing a second month).

Discussing with some players from different guilds, forum/reddit sources etc. I learned that this game although not literally pay 2 win is actually Multiboxing 2 win.

I wonder, also in light of what I have read in this forum, how you are okay with the fact that the protections that are guaranteed to players of other titles (e.g. World of Warcraft) should not be for you. Being able to multibox ruins the experience for those who can’t/want to (multiboxing requires paying an extra cost, the basic one is already expensive compared to other titles), or in any case puts them at a disadvantage.

I find it even crazier that the same company promotes and profits from the possibility of multiboxing in an mmorpg. An mmorpg with a subscription formula (alpha is just the trial), an expensive subscription (starts at 20 euros per month).

I found the comments of some players in this forum towards those who rightly criticized this policy very sad. I read people who defended ccp or exclamations like “if you don’t like it, leave the game”, as if having a fair and clean game isn’t a right.
Indeed, I can already imagine the comments of some players who will attack me personally, perhaps my inexperience with the title in order not to accept (wrongly) the fact that they have given up on having a fair and transparent title.

I will not renew my subscription because fair play is flawed. (Maybe this also contributes to driving away new players)

p.s. I apologize for some inaccuracies in the language, I am not a native English speaker


What is your definition of “winning” here? You can play the game absolutely fine with just one account. You just can’t do everything on your own any more and have to rely on other people, like other players from your corp or friends you may have made in the game. But as long as you are playing content that can be done perfectly with just one pilot or stick with an active group where most of the time other players are online to assist you (what is the intention behind a massive multiplayer game), you won’t have any problems with just one account.

It surely does. However as long as CCP believes that they earn more money by catering the (mass)multiboxing players than from those who might stay if single-accounts wouldn’d be at such a disadvantage, this won’t change. They make a LOT of money from multiple accounts and they cannot be sure how much they would gain from an maybe increased single-account player count.

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The underlying problem is precisely in what you wrote. I, although I am a regular payer of the full game, have:

  1. only some types of content with zero disadvantages
  2. some content with zero disadvantage only if accompanied with other players compared to those who, by multiboxing, can access it alone.

And you talk to me about it in a positive tone.

Forgive me, but in any other game this is configured as a Cheat2Win/Pay2win.

I understand that CCP makes money from it but it’s a terrible thing, even in other games the developers would make money from it but they don’t. Again, to me this is complete nonsense.

It isn’t.


Well, that entirely depends on your expectations. The main goal of playing an online game should be having fun. Not “making the most money” or “building the largest tower of the world”. If you wanna do that, yes you will have to compete with the most hardcore players out there and they will use everything there is - including multiple accounts - to their advantage.

I play this game for more than a decade now and in the last year I barely ever multiboxed. Because you simply don’t need it for everyday tasks. I can clear combat sites in my WH with just one account. I can run L4 missions with one account. I can run the highest-tier Abyssals with one account. I can scoop Gas with one account. I can run my production, reaction, PI whatever industry with one account and manage my market orders with one account. I can train and ecudate our noob players with just one account. I can manage our corp projects with one account. I can do orga stuff with one account.

I do have a second account, but really, that one is logged in maybe 2-3 times a week for pure convenience issues, maybe he has a ship ready more close by or can bring me some items I have stored there or scan/scout me something so I don’t have to switch ships on the main account. Nothing exactly that is making me “winning the game”.


You can use the same logic with all the Pay 2 win titles on the market. You can have fun, you can do some activities with no disadvantages but you will never be as efficient/competitive as who pays for many aspect of content (important aspects).

This makes eve a pay 2 win like all others, you’re just paying for the access to multiboxing.

And is a complete madness for a title with a premium formula (the most expensive premium on the market, starting at 20 euro for single month). When you already pay 20 euros month you should have a fair and clean game, not a pay2win title.

While you don’t need to pay cash directly to multibox amd you can spend ingame money to do this. the fact that you can pay cash for another omega account to multibox is pay2win.

Yes I also think that multiboxing is the biggest issue or perhaps biggest obstacle for newer players. They are always assured that they don’t need to, but in the end they see everyone else multiboxing and realizes that without doing it themselves their chances to reach their goal, be it profit, win in a fight, don’t die in random lowsec gatecamp, or whatever else are significantly lower…

But he is not wrong. Yes this doesn’t make those games any less pay2win, but if you are having fun, why does it matter to you that the game is pay2win?


Is not accepatble a pay2win scenario when you already pay a game with a subscription (20 euros month). I can accept (but will never play) a free to play formula (where free have access to all) with p2win elements, but I can’t accept with a subscrption scenario.

I understand and I believe that CCP is losing new players with this. But they believe, and probably rightly so, that allowing players to multibox freely any ammount of accounts makes them more money. So this won’t change…

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There is no such thing as “clean and fair” in EVE, and that is what it makes so appealing for a small niche community. This is not StarTrek Online or StarWars Universe, this is a sandbox where you can murdered from behind on your very first journey by someone who just like to see your stuff explode and enjoys collecting your frozen corpse to add it to the 1.000 others in his weird container. EVE is a game where everything you have built over a year can be stolen by your corpmate while you are sleeping and no appeal to fairness will bring it back.

In the end, if you can’t have fun in EVE because you are constantly thinking “muuhh huuuhh the guy with 10 accounts makes so much more money / kills more / produces more than I do”, then just don’t play it. There is no other way, go look for another game that only allows 1-account per player. EVE won’t change anytime soon. But I can guarantee you you will miss a lot. I can guarantee any noob joining my corp that he will have fun in the hours he plays in this universe, he will learn a lot and he will make enough money to freely decide at some point if he wants to have one, two or more accounts. But if you wanna keep complaining against a wall, feel free. It won’t help you, it won’t change the game, it just wastes your precious time you could use to actually enjoy the game that is. Or another one.


You’re talking rubbish, you know very well that I’m talking about structural fairness and not what happens in the game.

We are talking about multiboxing and paying euros to have multiple accounts at the same time, not about what happens thanks to the skills or politics at play, I won’t comment further.

And here’s the personal attack just for pointing the finger at the truth: ccp is greedy and is squeezing you, even though you already pay 20 euros a month you have STRUCTURAL disadvantages unless you multiply those 20 euros and change your mmorpg in a mmorts.

So that translates into me being a crybaby just because I’m telling the truth, or because players of other games receive more respect from developer company than you. I won’t comment further.

Yep, overall it is a multiboxing 2 win game

You could participate in group activities and diminish this situation almost completely


You are falling for a misconception. if you know the game a bit better, you learn that multiboxing is totally optional to have fun in the game. Proof? I’m playing EvE for ten years on one char only, and still have a lot of fun doing stuff alone or with space friends. :smiley:

You eventually get to the insight, that capitals are not fun, but a burden, and capitals are basically the only aspect of the game which require multiboxing.


That usually means, you don’t have any arguments left.

Btw. I never attacked you in any way, I also just pointed out that your complaints will be a 100% fruitless. And your only options are to accept the status quo or go look for fun elsewhere. It’s beyond me how you turn that into anything remotely hostile. I am honestly willing to help you making a decision. :person_shrugging:

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Well. EVE is unfair. But in my opinion it depends whether the unfairness is result of ingame mechanics or external, out-of–game stuff such as paying more accounts. Although technically you can just grind more ISK and pay them by ingame cash so I guess that no player is put into an disadvantage…

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You got SOLO blapped by some guy in nullsec. Your only ever record ( yesterday ) in killboard. And you decide to rile against multiboxing ?

I didn’t understand how personally attacking/criticizing me could have anything to do with the macroscopic and structural problem of multiboxing. As I have already written, I came into contact with multiboxing by speaking with users of various corporations and from forum/web sources, noticing that the percentage of players who practice multiboxing is very high.

This isn’t any of those games. EVE is designed to be its own game with its own take on “fair play”. You can accept the game for what it is if you like but please don’t try and make it a copy of another title.

In what way is stating the true fact that you have never actually been multiboxed a personal attack ? Why are you riling about an issue that you have personally never encountered ?

No. If you have to pay (euros, dollars) to have advantage (multiboxing) is not it’s own “fair play”, is pay 2 win. If you can’t accept that ccp is greedy and makes money on players who already pay a subscription is another thing.