Eve is Multiboxing 2 win - a new player experience

Forgive me but you’re off topic. In the main thread it wasn’t written that I had been attacked by multiboxers or anything else, if you don’t like talking about the thread open another one and write that yesterday I was attacked by a player who sunk me.

Yeah, CCP is greedy and makes as much money on players as they can. So what? They are a business company, not the charity. They don’t make more money than like 10 bucks/month out of me. Perfectly acceptable for the product they deliver.


50-60 euros monthly for a multiboxer player? Not acceptable.

I have eight accts logged in right now. Does that make you angry?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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OK here’s my ‘on topic’ response…

I don’t care. Multiboxing is part of Eve. Deal with it.


if you don’t care of fairness about the title you spend time and money monthly is not my business. Have fun.

Nobody forces anyone to pay that. I have 2 permanent Omega Accounts and one partially over the year for some special projects, everything for ~10€ per month on average.
There are always special offers, there are always long-term discounts, and there is enough PLEX on the market to get some free months in between.
If you have problems letting other people who see EVE as their hobby and invest hundreds or thousands of Euro for PLEX pay for your accounts, that is entirely your problem. If you really pay 60€ per months for 3 accounts, the real problem is in front of your computer.


What’s ‘unfair’ about me paying a whole nother £37.50 a month just to be able to log in twice ? It’s not like I’m getting it free or something. Its something I pay for…there isn’t even any discount.

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You can absolutely be successful as a pilot who doesnt multibox.


That’s the problem, you can’t realistically judge about something you have no experience with.


I dont get it. CCP made multiboxing mandatory for gankers and all the bears were happy about it. What is going on now?


There is no winning. Only varying degrees of losing.


Multiboxing is a BLESSING and a CURSE.


  • Blessing as CCP gains extra $$$
  • Players are more productive.
  • Redundant/boring tasks can be multiboxed. (Like scouting, hauling, etc)


  • Single account players lose a sense of comradery in an MMO.
  • Less meaningful player interaction. (A corp of 2 people and 20 alts is not really that great :sweat_smile:)
  • People just start feeling demoralized as they may just feel that they are replaceable by a alt.

TBH the benefits outweigh the curse atm but I believe we are shifting more and more to multiboxing. Idk why. Just a gut feeling I have. But I am VERY biased on this topic so take what I say with some salt.

Social status = number of alts you own/maintain?


That’s a good one.

I am pretty sure I can judge an action without doing it myself. We all know that certain things are wrong even without committing them :slight_smile:

I have no fundamental opinion about having or not having multiple accounts.

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Perhaps too many gaming styles in EVE depend on the use of various toons?

IDK… maybe all gaming styles in EVE require multiple toons.

Looking at this game as a soloable endeavor is too narrow of scope.

And also, you’d like to “win” -whatever that means-?

No. In EVE you can do most things as single toon, but in no scenario you’d be better without a (or multiple) wingman… it is your social skills which dictate who pilots such toons. But hey!.. no worries, you can always multibox!

If what you want is to be rich (and alone), you can also buy Plex, or whatever they sell for real money that you can trade in game… -which is not RMT in any aspect… or multibox.

If you want to “play for free”, never consider grinding as a bad thing as if grinding was not within the exercise of -playing- by itself. You just need more time… and multibox.

Look, it’s a challenging game… but don’t get me wrong… here’s an exercise…
Imagine for a moment that what you think should be, suddenly comes to be.
And no one would need to be

or toons in general… wether they’re multibox or not.

See if it ends up being MMORPG-ish, or not.

Yes and it is a social component as EVE is inherently a business-oriented game.

Why share profits with multiple REAL people when I can multibox 10 accounts and keep ALL the profits for myself?

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So you say a game you never played is bad, because prejudice based on hearsay? This is what the OP does, without even considering that things may be looking different from inside.


If you only play for fun then Pay2Win or Multiboxing shouldn’t be a problem. If you play without the idea of getting isk-rich or controlling a whole
constellation then they shouldn’t be a problem.
It only becomes a problem when one takes a game for more than a game, when one has to feel like he’s getting ahead, is superior or winning.
But winning what exactly? They never say. It’s all too mysterious.

Multiboxers have a clear and distinct advantage over solo players. Especially those that multibox omega accounts. That clearly makes EvE pay2win.

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But things are not either/or options in Eve. In fact that is the true beauty of multiple accounts. I have chars in one of the big corporations and I have chars in my own little private corp.