Eve is stuck in the past

That kinda does make us the majority, you claiming to represent the ones that don’t answer here is just ■■■■■■■■. You don’t represent them, nor do you know what they want.

All those people don’t care about THE GAME,they just care about THEIR game…

Lies, the people who tell you that you are wrong come from all walks of Eve life, PvE and PvP; what we do all have in common is that most of us think that you have absolutely no idea about Eve, and that we don’t want more like you.

And-naturally- they all repeat the same opinion ever and over again because if EVERYBODY says so it must be right…

No, we repeat the same opinion over and over again because we actually know what we’re talking about.

Fact is those people are FAR from beeing the majority and what they say is completely irrelevant for the game they are not playing and rejecting…

We are the majority, the obvious one anyway. Most of the people you claim to “represent” can’t even be bothered to speak out in your support; why is that?

a game where evrybody can roam freely withoout beeing forced into pvp,a game that eve HAS to become in order to survive.

This is not Eve, piss off back to the room with the padded walls and no corners.

The tactics of those people are simple and easy to see through…PRETEND to be the majority and taunt everybody that says otherwise and actually HINDER every change to the better if this “better” affects us…

Again-…not what is best for the game bothers thoise people but what is best for THEM…

Do you know what projection is? Because this is projection.

Well recently CCP has seen the light and changes THE GAME…more will have to come,even beside some gm’s say otherwise…Pearl Abyss will stop their nonsense…

Did they?
Have they made hisec “safer” place in some way that I am unaware of?
Haven’t they just chucked a dirty gurt spanner in the works to increase the overall risk in Eve?
Have PA stated that their aim is change Eve in a fundamental manner by forcing CCP to acquiesce to the demands of people like you?

Duro, did you listen to / watch Hilmar’s (you know, the CEO of CCP) “era of chaos” interview?

Those are the gm’s PA will put back in the place where they belong…as employees of PA that do what PA wants and nothing else…

PA is in charge here CCP is property of PA…nobody with a clear mind believes the independence nonsense…

If not than the CEO will replaced by one that can follow orders of the owner…this is the way buisness decisions are made today…

Better get used to this quick…

Well, personally I consider allowing corporations to be immune to war decs simply by putting their structures in holding corps a significant movement of the safety needle to carebearism, but the null local change and the recent interview (talk is cheap…we’ll see) slightly restores my faith that they aren’t going that path, after all.

I’d agree with you on that, although social corps were a well publicised goal for CCP and the wardec system was broken; they essentially got 2 birds with one stone but ignored the collateral damage. I can see why they did it, I just think that they could have achieved the same goals without the associated fallout.

My beef, such as it is, isn’t with CCP though; it’s with people who demand that hisec be free from PvP to suit them and bugger everybody else. They don’t appear to understand that PvP can, and will happen, anywhere is intrinsic to what makes Eve Eve.

You really think Hilmar has “gone rogue” and is going in a direction that is completely against the wishes of PA? lol Do you have inside information that supports that thinking?

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with little naive me, but rest assured I don’t need you to tell me about how business works.

So Dunning! Much Kruger!


What more evidence do you need? He’s clearly not assisting the OP’s farming operation and no reasonable person could ever act against the wishes of farmers, therefore rogue.


The really sad part here is that you don’t see it this way…

He’s directly opposite to the course the game has set for the last 5 years now…

So the only conclusion a reasonable person can draw is that he’s trying to scan out his borders…

That’s the only conclusion that you can come up with because of your bias against the core of Eve. Take off your gloom-tinted glasses and try looking at things objectively for once.

Well I guess that could be a problem for the easily upset carebears.

What gets me is that he has the usual extremist view point of thinking that he’s reasonable people.

Extremists in the real world share the same illusion, all while doing and saying unreasonable things.

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“Grand” storylines creates wannabe Heros.
EVE ONLINE doesn’t support that.

People believing that when they run some storyline that makes them something will quit once they realize that they’re still the same losers like 99.9% of the rest.

To understand that you need to look at the gaming industry. They feed on these people with low confidence who want to play Heros. Save the princess/galaxy/villages, free the slaves/hostages/children. Blablabla.

The last thing EVE needs more are escapists like this. The vast majority of people like them have zero interest in doing anything else but such a thing, because they play exactly for this kind of content, as shown by most other games out there.

They’d quit as soon as there’s nothing else to do anymore, which is exactly going to happen the moment they’re being congratulated for “freeing the princess/slaves/village/hostages”.

You didn’t think this through at all. You correctly assume that the concept works (which it does, but not in EVE) and THEN you wrongly assume that it will make a high enough percentage of people stay in the game.

It won’t.

This WOULD work ONLY when the story literally never ends. When there’s an unlimited variety of missions the player could keep grinding through in this storyline, then they might stay. That ONLY works, though, when there’s enough variety and it doesn’t ever get boring. Good Luck with that.

I still have an book shelf of win98 games, too bad I got rid of my dual voodoo 2 rig. :sleepy:

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Virtual machines work pretty well for running win98 stuff, for everything else there’s dosbox.

The major caveat with the VM solution is finding an install cd; Microsoft issued a public CD key years ago, just as they did for XP.


I’m playing Red Baron on that. Crappy graphics, but what a hard game. Just like EVE used to be. :smiley:

There are minor storyline mission chains (certificate missions for example) but they stop short of where they should have gone (the last mission gives you an item and your supposed to give it to another agent… but the agent doesnt exist) In my opinion this should have been fleshed out to lead to the cosmos area… preparing the candidate for them i mean (would take a while though.
The cosmos area storyline stuff, but thats not for newbros (need some proper tanks for it)

IF that had been done and some sort of random mission generator (even if only a small design) to help it feel more like a personal experience for each then many new players would likely spend a few months, maybe a year on just that… with some little tweaks and some interesting rewards, some minor burner type rats as they go through the ‘level’ of missions…

A random dungeon generator would have been really good for eve i think, it could still be added utalizing already made mission pockets i think, adding true/false statements to stuff so … anyway…

it DOES seem a trick has been missed and it really DOES feel ccp are no longer interested in a player personal experience; everything from kicking over sandcastles and ‘‘balancing’’ (and yes the hadeon aether wars stuff) is all geared towards larger form ups.
Which is a shame.
And also why i dont play atm i guess, or at least a part of it - ran the cosmos stuff, the cert. agents, low sec, hs, null, wh… missions… exploration… mining (a little) ive done solo pvp, small gang and large - imo large gang just got screwed by the cmmd destroyer change; frog fleets were defo looking like a good fun concept for fleet war… ah well… a thousand voices have cried NO… we cant do that… its unfair that other people are better than us… its not our fault were dumb… nerf this so we can sit still and concentrate on our f1… i mean fc…

Sorry… rant over :flushed:

I absolutely agree with this whole heartedly.
Any encounter will have taken hours in one way or another to set up, the simplest example is getting the isk to buy the ship. Otherwise, locating someone, forming a fleet, getting the ship, fitting the ship, getting to the location, scanning someone, oh i died, let me do those 30 jumps again…blah blah blah blah blah. Some of the best fun I’ve had has been on the test server. Everything in one place so i can just click > BUY > FIT > UNDOCK.

Just use your imagination for once and change your shitty attitude and you should find ways to solve all your problems.