Eve is the greatest game ever made

I’m 48 years old. I was building my first websites before most people knew what a dial-up connection was. I remember when the internet was populated exclusively by intelligent people; Before the general peasantry realised this technology could satisfy their need for porn and self-promotion; Before [ANTI-SEMITIC COMMENT REMOVED - FALCON] Zuckerberg realised they could make billions by exploiting the selfishness and narcissism of the peasant class.

In all that time, I have enjoyed online games. I thought at one stage that GL Quake was the top of the mountain. The purest and most enjoyable form of pvp.

I was wrong. Eve Online is the richest and most varied form of content that has ever existed in online gaming. Your social media peasant class is scared off by its complexity and brutality. The Eve experience reminds me of the pure, early days of the internet itself.

So stop the hating. That is all.


Hard to believe today, but it’s true. :rofl:

But I also remember things like the Usenet and alt.binaries.pictures, or any other alt.* news group being not all that different from today’s Internet. Only did I never think it would grow so big.

Yeah, I feel you. I was using email when it was a pure text interface - no such thing as a browser.

My first programming experience was on mainframes. There was no such thing as a PC (well, not one the average person could afford, anyway).

oy vey shut it down

While we’re happy that you think EVE is the greatest game ever made, there’s no space on these forums or in our community for anti-semitic comments and behaviour.

The CCP Community Team has a zero tolerance policy against prejudice, regardless of the form it takes.

Don’t bring that crap to EVE Online.

Enjoy never posting again.