EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0

Fix is up 4.0.6927.39394

Let me know if it’s not working.

It’s working perfectly, thank you very much my friend!

@Zifrian Hey, fan of you app.
I have small question. So I am in corp that gived me read-only rights to they BPOs db, I can launch a copy job and browse BP, I wish I can scan all BPO but scan button is greyed out. Esi documantation says that I need Director role for accessing corporation bp or assets. I can ask CEO for some additional rights but obviously not directors role. I have all needed scopes including corp_membership and corp_BP registered. Am i missing something, it is not possible to scan BP if you are not a director?

You need to have director unfortunately. Not sure why ccp put this high restriction on bps but there isn’t anything I can do on my end. Even if I let you query Corp assets it would just return nothing.

Thank you for reply, I think you should concider unlock button, even if it will return nothing for now it can be changed in future or it can actually work in some strange combination of rights in corps.

Anyway i found a bug with favorits/owned items.

First I expoted all coop BPO to Excel, then I exported BP db from IPH, modified BP so all coop BPO becomed favorits-true and tryed to import it back to app, that doesnt work, either manually add them to Owned/Fav in BP Manager.

Manually added to Owned group BP shows in Blueprint tab but notalways Favorites that are not in Owned.

More importantly, Manufacture List only calculating actually Scanned BP and all Fav that are in scanned group, manually adding BP to owned and/or favorite will not list them in Manufacture tab. The only way i found to actually work with coop BPO is add a coma to coop BP name in exel, put them all in one cell/line, copy to “Search” box in BP Manager, so it will show multiple results, but its work only with small amount of BP; with few hundreds its showing almost all BP in the game.

Even if you will add with Search box small portions off corp library then you will need to go one by one in Blueprint tab to check them. Thats what I am doing last two days.

So while there are no way to scan BP in the right way, I will be apriciate if you will add feature to import custom BP list, so anyone can ctrl+c ctrl+v from ingame manufacture window all corp BP to Excel and use them in app Manufacture list tab.

I had to recently reinstall IPH, I did that and imported my character that has the BPOs/BPCs. I was trying to narrow donw my Drone BPOs. However when I select owned BPOs under Blueprint Filters and click preview from list it says no blueprints calculated for options selected.

This is a screen shot of my manufacturing list, i cannot tell why the app cannot find my Drone BPOs.


Oh i was thinkin that something wrong with my settings, I cant calculate any of my scan BPs, but “Include invented” showing some t3 possibilities. So +1 to this

hey, how do i add a rorqual to the miners list, and how do I calculate ore amounts with 5% or 10% on the blueprints page? Also, the prices under update prices are high compared to evepraisal, not sure how that’s getting calculated? Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Is there any chance we can get the Mining Drone Yield/hr increased? it caps at 99999 but my Rorq can pull in 528,000m3 and hour so it makes it hard to figure out my actual totals between my Rorq and my barges…

@Nazzarus @Carew_Darius

I’ll be adding mining drones and allowing just a rorqual (or any other ship) to be selected for mining or to include mining drones for all ships in a future update. I’ve increased the size of the drone yield/hr box that will be in the next update.

If these are T2 drones, then you need to check the decryptor box that produced that ME/TE type.

If they are T1 drones, double check the other settings under market filters. If there are any restrictions, that will limit it. Also, if the bps aren’t in your bp management, then they aren’t being marked as owned for some reason and they wouldn’t show up in the manufacturing tab.

I am still having the same issue I had reported above, any ideas?

Good to hear! Can’t wait for the next version!

You can see my settings here and BP Manager with scanned/owned bps marked as red in background window.
Market window in full Jita setup with everything marked, for now I am using “All Bluperints” calculation instead of “Owned” or “Favorites” and prices are accurate.
Also reproting small bug, tax/fee formula not considering alpha clone production additional tax.
And I will be happy if there will be possibility to ignore mega-spikes in SVR calculation (20 sell per day but one 2k spike rising svr).
Upd. In shopping list, buy or sell order formula not including tax/fee, while it showing correct numbers and buy order is cheaper, because of taxes its actually on millions above simple buy from sell order because of broker fee.

the program is still bugged, i reported that bug on 21.06.2018 and that error still exist :slight_smile:https://i.gyazo.com/e58395653e49ffefbcf97edce92facd6.png
impossible to login with a charcter to use it correctly. will be there a fix?
you said, you wanted do it like vernus with authorzation…


I’m still not sure. Does it work if you paste it into a web browser or is that error you get when you paste the response?

I’m working on a patch to give some better error messages and maybe we can try after that to see what is going on.

Im still having my error above where it shows nothing under my blueprints… any ideas?

I need to walk through what you are doing to see if we can figure it out. I’m either ingame in the EVE-IPH channel or you can find me on discord: https://discord.gg/rGMMqft

Someone above was also having some issues with blueprints so I’d like to figure it out.

ive bought a new machine so need to reinstall IPH, once ive done if I am still getting the issue ill connect to discord

New build everyone. I made a lot of changes behind the hood in addition to what you see here so let me know if there are any errors. If you reported something prior to this patch and it’s still an issue, please repost it and I’ll try and fix it as soon as I can. Many of the issues above and on Github are corrected in this patch.


Note: Created a new Discord Channel for IPH. Please log-in here if you have questions or issues you want to discuss: https://discord.gg/rGMMqft

Build 4.0.6964.22565

Price updates from Structures

  • IPH will now download prices from public structures for the options selected on the Update Prices tab for Single (Region) Select and Price Profiles if the user has the following scopes added: esi-universe.read_structures.v1, esi-markets.structure_markets.v1

Note, CCP only lists public structures that have no blocks on anyone docking. While you may see prices from a structure, not everyone may have access and the prices will not update for that structure through the price update without manually adding by structure ID (see new structure ID pricing feature). Additionally, anyone can set up a buy order anywhere and ESI will return data on those orders even if you don’t have access to information about that structure. These buy order prices will not be reflected in update prices due the unavailability of region and solar system identification without access to that information.

  • Users can now import prices on the Update Prices tab directly from a structure if it has a market and they can use it by importing with the Structure ID. The structure ID option is enabled on the Update Prices tab when the user has scopes esi-universe.read_structures.v1, esi-markets.structure_markets.v1 enabled. Then if a user wants to import prices from a structure, they follow the following steps through the Add Structure ID form on the Update Prices page:
  1. Make a link of the market hub in the EVE Chat window. You can drag the station name from assets or type the name and select auto-link and then search for ‘Station’ and hit enter to put it in chat. Note, if you do not have access search will not work.
  2. Right click the link and select Copy after entering the chat link.
  3. Paste the text into the structure ID textbox - it will format the number for you.
  4. Click check for Market. If there is no market available or you do not have access, the Structure ID will not be added.

These structure IDs will be kept in IPH until a user removes them from the View Saved Structures window and users can keep querying data from these markets until they no longer have access or the market/structure shuts down.

Account Management Improvements

  • Users can now select their character and copy ESI token and scopes data for use in troubleshooting ESI issues.
  • Users can now change the name of the ‘Dummy Character’ by going to Data menu, and selecting ‘Change Dummy Character Name’.
  • Updated dummy character skills to include basic industry, science, and mining skills.
  • Dummy character skills should now load correctly in the skills viewer.

Alpha Account Support

  • Added a setting to allow max alpha skills to be added to the dummy character for use with Alpha accounts. Note, this option is only available when using the dummy character.
  • Added a setting for indicating that the user is using an Alpha account. This will result in a 2% increase in the facility usage for blueprint costs when checked. Additionally, when checked, IPH will use the selected character’s active skills to calculate costs.
  • Added a setting to use Active skills over Trained skills. Useful if looking at a character that may have lapsed Omega.

ESI Improvements

  • Implemented ESI error limiting, which should eliminate 420 errors users have seen in the past.
  • Updated ESI error messaging and processing to provide more information and fewer, duplicate error messages on ESI errors and issues with character authentication and tokens.
  • Added an ESI Status monitor for users to check the current status of used scopes within IPH. This form can be viewed by selecting the Data menu, and View ESI Status. Additionally, on startup ESI will now tell users if there may be an issue with the status of ESI queries, which may result in error messages and data unavailable. Users can choose to suppress these error messages in the settings.

Misc New

  • Updated Database and Images to January_Release_1.0_2019
  • Implemented anonymous usage tracking using Google Analytics to track usage of IPH. Users can disable anonymous tracking in the program settings.
  • Added a checkbox to the BP, BP Viewer, and Manufacturing tabs called ‘NPC BPOs’, which when checked, will allow users to see only blueprints that are sold by NPC corporations.

Bug Fixes

  • Invention calculations will now correctly include all skills required for the invention when determining invention chance.
  • The blueprint copy used to invent a T2 item will now be included in Invention Materials.
  • T2 Abyssal ammo and several T2 standup rigs will now properly load as T2 items instead of T1.
  • The Asset Viewer will now break out assets installed on ships into location (slot, cargo) and Corp assets will now be grouped into Corp hangers. Future updates will include additional categories like asset safety locations.
  • The shopping list will no longer crash when double-clicking items to load on the BP tab in the items list or build list.
  • Rigs added to Copy and Invention structures will now be applied in blueprint calculations correctly.
  • The manufacturing tab will now correctly show the invention cost.
  • Updated and optimized processing for Market History in an attempt to correct prices cached after long periods of program use resulting in no data returned on the Manufacturing tab.
  • Double-clicking on an item in the manufacturing tab will now load the correct decryptor (when used) and properly check the invention time/cost and copy time/cost on the BP tab. Additionally, IPH, profit, and other prices should match correctly between the forms.
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn’t allow proper sorting of columns on the manufacturing tab or allow adding all columns to the list. Users may have to reset the columns to default to get the change.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting all the characters from Manage Accounts would not load the dummy character.
  • Improved the functionality of selecting blueprints on the Blueprint tab from the text search option.
  • Settings will now save correctly on the BP viewer.