EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0


(Zifrian) #288

Not seeing any issues on my end. Can you paste the data into a notepad or something to see if it’s the same as in game? Also, can you send some screenshots with options and such. Maybe I’m not set up like you are and that’s the issue.


(Zifrian) #289

Build 4.0.6970.40574

  • The View Structure IDs button should now be enabled if the application is registered with the correct scopes for access to structure processing.
  • Added update token option in manage accounts, which will ignore the cache date when updating token data.
  • Structure IDs should save when added after new scopes are added to the application on the developer site or registration.
  • View ESI status has been moved to the View menu and will only show status of scopes you have registered for the application.
  • The Add Structure ID and View Structure ID buttons should enable when proper scopes are added or a new character with proper scopes is added.
  • Re-named ‘Simple’ for export type to ‘Multi-buy’, which will only copy the buy list for use with the in-game market.
  • Removed build items from Multi-buy item copy on shopping list.

(Tricia Icirin) #290

This here is default export data:

Shopping List for:
Material - Quantity
Rapid Torpedo Launcher II (ME: 2, NumBPs: 1) - 1
Location: Azbel

Estimated Invention Materials:
Material - Quantity

Total Volume of Materials: 0.00 m3
Total Cost of Materials: 0.00 ISK
Build Items List:
Material - Quantity
Quantum Microprocessor (ME: 10, NumBPs: 1) - 654
Rapid Torpedo Launcher I (ME: 10, NumBPs: 1) - 1

Buy Materials List:
Material - Quantity
Tritanium - 2,563,766
Pyerite - 771,448
Mexallon - 260,866
Isogen - 40,811
Nocxium - 13,569
Titanium Carbide - 9,709
Zydrine - 4,635
Phenolic Composites - 3,427
Megacyte - 1,905
Nonlinear Metamaterials - 1,143
Nanotransistors - 1,143
Morphite - 809
Robotics - 671
R.A.M.- Weapon Tech - 3

Total Volume of Materials: 42,815.45 m3
Total Cost of Materials: 154,227,218.80 ISK
Total Volume of Built Item(s): 4,000.00 m3

(Tricia Icirin) #291

This one is simple export (this one adds all the values properly, but it also adds the components to build in the buy orders):

Quantum Microprocessor 654
Rapid Torpedo Launcher I 1
Tritanium 2563766
Pyerite 771448
Mexallon 260866
Isogen 40811
Nocxium 13569
Titanium Carbide 9709
Zydrine 4635
Phenolic Composites 3427
Megacyte 1905
Nonlinear Metamaterials 1143
Nanotransistors 1143
Morphite 809
Robotics 671
R.A.M.- Weapon Tech 3

(Tricia Icirin) #292

and the screenshot!

(Zifrian) #293

All this is working as intended or is there some other issue I’m not seeing? I’ll remove the build components from the simple copy, but that’s what will work for multibuy.

(Adramelech666) #294

is SVR working as intended? none of my database has SVR anymore

(Zifrian) #295

Removed the build items from the list and renamed the copy type to multi-buy to make it easier to find.

(Tricia Icirin) #296

Okay with this setting (previously as simple), it adds the correct amount of the buy items, but also adds the BUILD items. I usually have huge orders with many build items and I cant go through deleting all from the list

(Zifrian) #297

It’s working correctly. You added 6 items as ‘Components’, which adds 6 to the buy list. The 6 in build are from your build buy entry.

(Tricia Icirin) #298

Ohhh I see… now I understand where I made the mistake. Thanks! And sorry for the bother!

(Oskar DeSilvo) #299

Is it possible to save different default structure fittings for t1 and t2 manufacturing?

(Zifrian) #300

No there isn’t. It saves one facility for ‘Manufacturing’ in general outside of the other main categories like capitals, supers, etc.

(Sarah Qadd) #301

I stopped playing eve last year around April, and even when ISKPH was no longer supported, I kept using. And now that I came back last week, there is a V4.0!!! You have no idea how happy I’m to see it.

Thanks alot for your hard work.

Best regards,

(Ulgenfeurg Eitunheim) #302

I’ve download installer, but cannot install because my version of .net framework is not compatible. But when I try to download new version of it, I cannot install becuse it’s already installed. IS it my system bug, or something wrong with distributive of IskPerHour?
Thanks in advance!

(Ulgenfeurg Eitunheim) #303

Multiple reinnstallment fix this issue, thanks anyway)))

(Agondray) #304

I cant install it because it needs netframe installed, but installing netframe gives me


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is already a part of this operating system. You do not need to install the .NET Framework 4.5 redistributable.

Same or higher version of .NET Framework 4.5 has already been installed on this computer.

(Kilvin Jaydeeum) #305

Rigging a reactions citadel on the blueprints tab still shows no changes to ME for the reactions.

(Zifrian) #306

It shouldn’t tell you to do 4.5, so not sure where that’s coming from.

I use 4.6.1 so you should be able to install that and be ok.

(Giddy McFee) #307

When using IPH to narrow down sizes under the size limit option on the manufacturing list, XL sized ammo appears when deselecting XL from the list.

If I select XL only then only XL ammo shows, if I select L then XL ammo still shows. I