EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0

I noticed that IPH does not match my in game taxes and fees. I have registered the program and my character’s skills and standings are in IPH.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? The margin on this item is super slim and the unaccounted for makes a huge difference.

I think after in game tax changes, program needs update.

It seams that he works on fix.

There used to be a way to toggle what to buy and what to manufacture for components if you are doing T2 ships.

I can’t see this option anywhere. Where did it go?

Build 4.0.7210.42162


  • Reaction rigs for ‘Composite’ reactions in Reaction structures will now apply to all moon material reaction types (it only applied to final T2 composites before).
  • Usage values should now be correct when using reactions as part of building the item. The Usage check box should also now update the correct values for total costs based on the usage shown.
  • Double clicking the Default Facility label will now correctly load the manufacturing facility when a reaction blueprint is loaded and the activity is set to Manufacturing on the BP Tab.
  • Reactions will use the manufacturing facility for fuel blocks instead of component facility.
  • Reactions will now show the total usage for all component reactions depending on the type of reactions to build as components.
  • Usage values should now be correct when using reactions as part of building the item. The Usage check box should also now update the correct values for total costs based on the usage shown.
  • Fixed issue where building reactions with more than 1 bp would display incorrect values for build items.
  • Runs for components are now properly reflected in the build list.

Shopping List

  • Adding items to the shopping list with multiple levels of built components (e.g. Anshar uses an Obelisk, which uses capital parts) will now show all items set to build for those levels of components. This includes polarized weapons and ‘Augmented’ drones.
  • Fixed issue where changing the item count of items with a larger portion size than 1, would not correctly update materials (e.g. bombs).
  • Fixed issue where exporting from the shopping list in ‘Simple’ (now Multi-buy) format would list all build items in addition to buy items.
  • Known issue: updating quantity in shopping list items when using raw or intermediate mats may not update quantities correctly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when a character loses roles in a corporation that IPH uses, it will no longer try to load them and allow access even when they will not be able to view corporation data that uses those roles.
  • Updated market prices to refresh all prices daily to correct eventual SVR data missing.
  • Covert Ops and Stealth bombers in the BP viewer will no longer ships of the other category.
  • Clicking on a bp in the bp viewer will now correctly load the blueprint.
  • The check for Moon mining on the mining tab will now correctly save with save settings.
  • XL missiles and ammo should properly show when checking XL sizes on the manufacturing tab.
  • Structure Component prices can now be downloaded on the Update Prices tab. Also, added a check box for selecting just Structure Components on the Update Prices tab and Assets viewer.
  • SQLite.Interop.dll will now be included with the .msi installer install.
  • Made a fix to limit error messages when canceling price downloads on the update prices tab.
  • The Ship Types combo box on the Update Prices tab will now show various ship types.
  • Size checks on the BP Tab will now save when saving settings.
  • Fixed an error where checking a structure ID of ‘Invalid Name’ would crash the program.
  • Users using the Dummy Character can now save skill changes without crashing the program.
  • Double clicking the Default Facility label will now correctly load the manufacturing facility when a reaction blueprint is loaded and the activity is set to Manufacturing on the BP Tab.

Other Updates

  • Updated database and images to the September 2019 release.
  • Updated tax and broker fee formulas to use values referenced here: https://www.eveonline.com/article/pvewgz/updates-to-sales-taxes-and-brokers-fees
  • The components section of the Blueprint Tab and Shopping List will now show the runs next to the name of the component blueprint and the quantity shown will be the number needed to build the blueprint. The prices for buildable items will still reflect the build price.
  • Added a check box called ‘Sell Excess Items’ to the BP and Manufacturing tabs that calculates the total cost of excess items for building an item. For instance, if the item requires 1 R.A.M. but one run produces 100 items, so the Sell Excess will add the cost of 99 items to the total profit. To see the list of excess items on the BP tab, click ‘List Mats.’ Note: When building from raw or processed reactions, the numbers may show negative profits, which will be corrected at a later date. This is checked by default.
  • Added an option to select the level of moon and gas materials used to make T2 and T3 reaction items to the BP tab. This will match the option selected in Application Settings.
  • Added a new setting that when users save a facility on the bp tab the same type of facility on the manufacturing tab will update to that facility and vice versa. This setting is set to true by default.
  • Made a fix to limit error messages when canceling price downloads on the update prices tab
  • The Ship Types combo box on the Update Prices tab will now show various ship types.
  • Size checks on the BP Tab will now save when saving settings
  • SQLite.Interop.dll will now be included with the .msi installer install.
  • EVE Marketeer price updates should now work properly without timing out.
  • Canceling update prices using EVE Marketeer should now stop the update properly.
  • Mining tab will now take moon mining skills into account for calculating reprocessing yields.
  • Caldari space will now show all moon ores available for low and null sec.
  • Users can now mouse wheel up or down to set the number of total runs on the BP tab.
  • Owned T2 BPCs (marked as BPC and not Invented BPC in Blueprint Management) will now automatically check Ignore Invention upon selecting the blueprint on the blueprint tab and automatically ignoring invention on the manufacturing tab.
  • Added reaction facility to selectable columns in manufacturing tab
  • Component list will no longer grey out lines for reactions without ME
  • Removed ‘Use Compressed Ore’ option for building because the refining data was out of date. A future option to use ore for calculations will be added as a feature later.

That was a requested feature but it’s not currently available.

Okay that would have been very very handy.

Another handy feature would be a saved facility list. Now you can only save one.

And lastly it would be nice if you could download material/component prices from one source like Jita, and have the market sell prices of your product in another market (like null sec citadel).


I’m trying to come up with options for facilities. I know people use different types in systems for different items (T1 vs. T2 in the same system). It’s a bit complicated but on my list.

Use price profiles to set up where to download prices for the categories of items you want. You can select any system/region for any of the categories of materials or items in the main Update Prices list. Let me know if you have issues. Join the discord if you want to chat.

Something is wonky.

Running 10 runs of a t2 module BPC set to raw materials, I get the expected shopping list. At 11 runs, it tries to both buy AND build the T2 components, unless buy/build is selected.

e.g., shopping list for 10 runs of large shield extender on “raw materials”:

Tritanium 32565
Pyerite 26646
Titanium Carbide 2104
Mexallon 1909
Sylramic Fibers 861
Ferrogel 112
Hydrogen Batteries 112
Isogen 71
Morphite 56
Nocxium 32

Add 1 run (oddly, it sometimes requires refreshing twice before this change occurs) and now it’s buying both the raw materials for 123 sustained shield emitters, AND 123 sustained shield emitters, along with other intermediates:

Tritanium 35773
Pyerite 29272
Titanium Carbide 2310
Mexallon 2081
Sylramic Fibers 945
Sustained Shield Emitter 123
Ferrogel 123
Hydrogen Batteries 123
Isogen 71
Morphite 62
Nocxium 32
Large Shield Extender I 11
R.A.M.- Shield Tech 11

Selecting calculate build/buy seems to prevent this from happening.

Thanks, yeah aware of this and I’ll try to get it fixed soon.

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Build 4.0.7213.38829

  • Fixed issue where changing the ME number of a blueprint with “(Runs:” in the name would crash the program.
  • Copying data to clipboard for items with “(Runs” in the name will now only show the full name.
  • Changing the item quantity on the shopping list for T2 items added from Components only (not build/buy or raw materials) will no longer crash the program.
  • Structure IDs added to update prices will now persist after program updates.

Build 4.0.7226.25325

  • Adding items to shopping list from manufacturing list will no longer crash the program.
  • Double-clicking on a buildable item in the BP component list will now take the portion size into account when setting total runs of the new BP loaded.
  • Reactions will no longer load ME/TE values if default values are set in settings.
  • Fixed an issue with R.A.Ms being double counted on build/buy prices when using 1 bp and more than 1 run.
  • Fixed an issue where components were being added to the raw materials list when over 1 bp.
  • Saving asset locations in the asset window should no longer throw an error and fail to save settings.
  • Fixed the issue where Numbers for blueprint calcs with Raw material types selected for T2/T3 Material type did not display correct results of build materials when using more than one bp.
  • Fixed an issue where if the user double-clicked an item on the manufacturing tab, it would not load the correct runs that the bp on the manufacturing tab was created. Now they should be the same.
  • Fixed an issue with the shopping list where updating with assets would not correctly adjust the built items list when built items existed in assets.
  • Fixed an issue where fuel blocks were only counted once in calculations when more than one run was needed.
  • Fixed several issues with updates on the shopping list.
  • Checking access to markets on structures should now be much faster.
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hi, for me, not work with

Is there a chance to add some sort easier way to save structures fittings? For example I have few different Raitarus in the same system, each for a different production, and having to redo the fitting for each item to get the right bonuses takes a lot of time.

Edit: Also, it seems to me that the “M-Set Advanced Thukker Advanced Components Manufacturing Materials Efficiency” doesn’t apply the ME bonus to the normal T2 components".

This has become a common feature request and I’m looking into it.

I’ll look at that rig as well.

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I don’t know about for others, but for me at least, the best possible structure setup would be a simple tabular setup by bonus category, structure type, rigs, and system (which gives both cost index and bonus multiplier).

Bonus category Struct ME Rig TE Rig System
Equipment Raitaru T1 T2 Poitot
Ammo Raitaru T2 T1 Poitot
Adv. Component Azbel T2 T2 Poitot

I suppose that would leave a few edge cases where maybe someone is building “equipment” in different structures (for whatever reason they might have, probably because they’re crazy tho), but it seems like the simplest way to get to the right structure bonuses most of the time.

Obviously L/XL rigs combine ME/TE effects and that could just be implied by one or the other but I honestly wouldn’t mind just setting them myself at the most granular m-set level, even if it means I can potentially set it in an incorrect/impossible way.

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Something like the price profiles? I think I can do something based on the types of rig bonus categories, starting with the lowers type - medium.

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Yep, just like the price profiles, actually - that would be perfect.

Ok I’ll see what I can come up with. Also, please join IPH discord. :grinning:

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omg you have the reactions in the same drop menu as the blueprints…and here I thought all this time that you dropped support for it :’(

All bps can be built from any level of reaction as well if you want to do reactions for a whole chain to build an item, it will calculate it for you.