EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0

It’s a false positive. I submitted it to Microsoft and they flagged it as not malware. Try to update your virus definitions or put in an exception.

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I’m having a buildup of salvage when trying to build rigs and of materials when building components. I’m not seeing the same problem with minerals. This can happen when you research a BPO and the IPH hasn’t updated it yet, but this buildup seems to relate to a rounding error somewhere. Is it possible that non-mineral BPs are still using the old max efficiency per run formula? (I often change the number of items I’m producing in the shopping list, if that helps).

Am I doing something wrong or is the Augmented Ice Harvesting Drones missing from IPH? Mining Drone as well.

Shopping list is probably off. There are some bugs with it. Let me know if you notice it in the bp tab.

Yeah its missing in the BP list. Shitty error explaining on my part. Sorry.

What are your settings? You looking at the bp tab?

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I thought all the great magicians are dead.

How? Are they listed under the NPC BPO?
Do I have to select it one time to get them in the list?
The other augmented and Integrated were already in the list before.
Yeah it worked, thanks mate. Awesome software.

When i click file > add character as soon as i click on the eve online log in option at the bottom i get this


It still takes me to the eve auth page and it seems to succeed, but the character isnt in IPH when i look, any ideas?

Had that a couple days back.
I did remove my char fromIPH and added them new.
After that it worked again.

the character isnt in IPH to remove.

H ewas and I removed him as i got a token error, but after removing him and trying to re add him i get this

reboot sorted the character addition, but now when i am updatign pricing, about 50% through, this appears


From where do you getting your prices? Did you try other sources?

Hey there. Great program, use it for a lot of T3 production. Recently tried building Nemesis from raw materials and found the tool to be very broken in terms of what material is needed. So let’s say you tell it you want to build 5 nemesis and tell it you want to build all T2 components, and tell it you want to build from Raw materials, when you click add to shopping list and view the shopping list, the composite reactions under the “Components to Build” shows the wrong number of runs.

In my example, cherry picking one T2 composite reaction, it tells me to do 8 runs of Carbon Polymers to build 5 Nemesis. But it only told me to buy 500 Hydrocarbons, enough for 5 runs. I think 5 runs is the correct number, so why is it telling me to build 8?

Several bugs with the shopping list, which I’m working on. I’ll take a look at this; thanks for the example.

Join the discord if you like to share screenshots, etc.

Update with assets in shopping list isn’t working. Also would be nice if there were some global settings so my market alts supplies from buy orders and my manufacturing alts stockpiles could be considered.

IPH for building from components and raw is broken and seems to simply be returning components data.

Invention is telling me to buy decryptors based on long term probabilities. For example if I did 500 invention runs with a 50% success rate, I would expect a bpc every 2 runs. For a single run job though 50% over two runs means I have a 25% chance of a failure. I would need to do 5 runs for a better than 95% chance of getting a single BPC.

Assets update works fine for me. Are you checking the location correctly in the assets window then updating?

Sharing assets is pretty hard to do so I’m probably not going to do it anytime soon.

Where are you seeing components and raw off? Can you give a screenshot? I’m going to update later today to fix a few bugs with that but please be specific. I’m not sure where you are seeing the issue.

As far as invention calculations, I’m not sure what you expect it to do differently. I don’t calculate single runs to get over a certain percentage of success rate. It’s a calculation on how many invention jobs you would need on average to obtain the bps you need to make the runs you select.

Just an example. I mean I’m making good isk that nobody is catching this, but I’m pretty sure that a T3 BPO shouldn’t give the same price for RAW and components. Also the Raw, components and build/buy are showing within a very small margin of each other (I think the run fee) on the manufacturing list.

Found another shopping list error. I built something where the structure production bonus (1%) meant I needed to build one less item. Shopping list told me to build the correct number of items, but then had me buy one extra component - bringing it up to the NPC station total.

On assets, I go into the assets tab, select the station I want on the character, save (do not change characters), then go to shopping list and hit adjust for assets and it tells me that no assets are selected and gives me a blue windows calculating circle like something is hanging.

On invention see computing chance of an event not occuring. When I am trying to get a BPC right now to meet market demand, I need to do a number of runs making it likely that I get a BPC. If I use the number of runs that would give me an average result (within the margin of error) over 100 or 500 runs, I am likely to get a run of bad luck and not get a BPC. There should be a check box for >95% chance of BPC on this run.

Invention time is not working. This is a bit or a problem as I really would like to be able to estimate invention time so that I can try to time all my invent and build jobs so that I can maximize the number of two way trips from market to my build location.

Also for IPH it would help if fees defaulted on and if we could input an estimated number of relists. Some of the ships looks like they have a good IPH, but if you have to do even one relist you are in a loss.

I have rebuilt items when loading list on (the default), I think the manufacturing list is passing correct parts to the shopping list, but shopping list is then rebuilding using an NPC station.

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Just wanna say Thank You for this awsome app :slight_smile: