EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 5.0

pls delete

worked fine yesterday, now after a pc restart i get this

Did you changed your character password?

i changed nothing :frowning: as i said i only restarted the pc

EDIT: windows performed an update - can that be the issue?

This can always be the issue, but usually if it is a reinstall of the app in question should fix it… based on the error though I’m not sure if this will help, but could do depending on what exactly the windows update touched.

Edit: But before you try any of that, I’m going to suggest simply re-adding your characters as the EVE launcher has decided that I need to reauth accounts, so it’s possibly something CCP has changed causing the issue.


i cant even start the program without the error appearing, therefore i might have to go for an reinstall

When trying to pull in data from the manufacturing list area, i get the following. any ideas?


EDIIT I see there are responses above, ill try re-adding characters
EDIT 2:removing and readding charcters made no difference whatsoever

I can get into the app, it is jsut when i try and download from the manufacturing tab

Also, not sure if this is related to the error above but the prices are showing wrong.

Not that i am making Uranium Charge XL, but IPH shows the market prices as 89.9m whereas that is the stupid highset price on market, someone is selling for 100k. Why is IPH showing the highest rather than lowest market price.



And without a developer account is impossible ??? my accounts are paid only PLEX. This is the main problem :frowning:

is talassonite going to be updated in IPH?

You don’t need a ‘developer account’ to setup/configure EVE Isk Per Hour, once you have an Eve Online account you can follow the instructions detailed here:

Just log in with your EVE account and you’ll be ok.


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Your EVE Online account is not valid for the purpose of registering as a developer. While your EVE Online account may be valid for play, developer registration requires that you have paid at least once with one of our valid payment methods other than PLEX as well as verified your email address.

this is and have the developer account. I have an EVE Online account but it has always been paid by only PLEX. and I can’t register the program. Therefore, I ask besides this in no way ??

Yeah, this is a problem I can’t fix. You can use it in dummy mode of course.

I heard all you need to do is make one month paid without plex and you can set up a dev account. Search the forums and r/eve for others that had this issue and maybe that can help find a solution.

I have this fix ready but I recently started a new job and covid added more to my RL responsibilities so I haven’t been able to do much as far as updates.

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What they want is a dev key created by another person.

sounds great man thx for the reply! Do your thing and stay safe

You can’t do it like in EVEmon ??? There is just authorization through ESI but Scopes are already entered and configured.

When I go to the Manufacturing List and select “Owned BPs” in blueprint filter, it displays some blueprints I have consumed long time ago, like Mid-grade Ascendancies in the screenshot below. How to prevent this from happening?

I didn’t go that route because I don’t have a way to get the key and I wasn’t going to just put it int the code for everyone to see. So I did it this way. I’m not going to change it at this point.

Did you happen to enter these manually? If they were scanned, then it should update them. Go into blueprint management to remove them as owned. If they come back then you must own them somewhere.