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I just discovered today that my EVE Online launcher is auto-logging me into my account. I’ve never selected this option and have HSA enabled to avoid auto-logins. Seems my account is “pinned” in the launcher and I don’t see any way to undo that nor do I recall how it happened.

Within the launcher settings the “Automatically remember accounts after login” is not checked. The cog-wheel to the right of the account name in the launcher window doesn’t yield any way to undo this.

TFA is properly asked for when utilizing an EVE Online website (such as forums). Checked Windows 10 AutoComplete just in case and there was a “eve-launcher” reference from 2017 that I removed just-in-case. No dice.

Is this new and “expected behavior” or just some wonky voodoo happening?


Edit: Checking launcher logs it does say “[{“rememberAccount”:true}]” So some how the launcher either decided on it’s own or I F’d up some where and got it to remember but don’t trust “Remove Account” since I don’t know what it removes.

Have you tested what happens when you do the “Remove Account” option and restart the launcher?


At least that’s what I would try.

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I have not fully done that. I clicked on “Remove Account” and received this notification: “Remove this account and all associated information from the launcher.”

What I don’t know is what sort of cache(s) may be tied to in-game settings and the launcher. What does “Remove Account” actually remove? Is it essentially “Forget this account” and that’s it?

Remove Account worked, but before doing that I backed up EVE settings from the local app data folder just in case. After logging back in, in-game settings, etc. appear unaltered.

Issue resolved.

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