Eve Launcher

Lost all my accounts, had to manually re-add them, couldnt add them unless i double clicked on everything, sometimes I see the next window, sometimes it wont show.

In short, it’s ■■■■■■ up ! Send it back to hell…

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It was announced that this would happen in the migration. Still blows that Devs couldn’t make transition a little less inconvenient.

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Yeah, borked it up good

This might help a bit, hope you saved your overview settings though


It seems like every other day I have been forced to relog into my account on the launcher now. What’s the deal?

Lost all my account settings again today. Had to re-enter passwords and accounts. Is this part of a new security setting or something?

Are you guys testing the launcher? Do you guys at CCP see this stuff? Any idea when the launcher will get fixed?

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I lost my accounts three time on past week. What happen?

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