EVE Lore FAQ & Lore Resources Megathread

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Do we know if the official lore was written by a specific CCP employee or set of employees?
And if so, who are they? I think they are deserving of recognition for making frankly amazing lore by any standards.

(Teinyhr) #19

That is a good question! [EDIT: Removed fair chunk of stuff that appears to have been mostly wrong here]

Fair bit of lore is also written by volunteers, the ISD, New Eden Correspondents, the unsung heroes of EVE’s story team.

I’m summoning @ISD_Starsweaver and @ISD_Thalack_Dalhar to correct me where I’m wrong, because I don’t know enough about this one. Once they ring in though I’ll add that information to the FAQ.

(Kolmogorow) #20

The statistics below is mainly from here and updated by my own research on the old forums.

@Teinyhr: CCP Abraxas’ first chronicle was from 2006 - this one where he also gets introduced as a new chronicle author. The early chronicles (from EVE beta phase or even before up to around March 2005) are all in the question mark category below. I never found an indication who wrote them.

97         CCP Abraxas
89         ?
10         CCP Gnauton
7          CCP Delegate Zero
5          CCP Greyscale
4          CCP Dropbear
3          CCP Ginger
3          CCP Headfirst
3          Community
2          CCP Big Dumb Object
2          CCP Jasonitas
1          CCP Abraxas, Tony Gonzales
1          CCP Eterne
1          CCP Falcon
1          CCP Molock
1          CCP t0rfifrans
1          CCP Technobabble
1          ISD Archetys Traum, ISD Sheliak Mesarthim, ISD Starsweaver,
           ISD Mercury Team, Team Murder Services
1          NTRabbit
1          Orestes

For 3 chronicles I found a hint somewhere that they have been written by the “Community”. I believe, NTRabbit and Orestes were/are players as well, but I’m not sure. The very recent chronicle “Mithra’s Gate” has a question mark.

(Teinyhr) #21

That is very impressive work I must say. I’ll include that in the OP Soon™.

About Abraxas - he’s been here so long I guess I thought he was there from the beginning…
EDIT: Digging up a bit further, I did find Hrafnkell (Keli) Smári Óskarsson credited as the writer for EVE Online, as well as Hjalti Daníelsson who used to be EVE’s senior writer. Their names are displayed on the fiction page. So I’m guessing these two are the people we have to thank for many of the earliest chronicles and establishing the very setting. Sadly I’m not sure what are their “CCP names”, if they even have any.
Anyway, hoping for the ISD’s to drop some knowledge bombs once they notice this thread.

(Kolmogorow) #22

Hjalti Daníelsson is CCP Abraxas. He wrote the Burning Life novel under his real name. Hm, but Óskarsson might indeed be a candidate. I just checked that this “Timeout” story on the Fiction page is also a chronicle, and that one is from May 2001 (according to the chronicle list on eve-inspiracy)! But who knows, the early chronicles might also have been written by a handful different authors.

(Aradina Varren) #23

I’m 98% sure that Mithra’s Gate is from @CCP_Delegate_Zero, it has his style of brain fuckery. (The good kind)

(ISD Thalack Dalhar) #24

The list on eve-inspiracy is fairly accurate. I wish I could indulge you with information explosions, but some information (such as that) has to be cleared by CCP. I will relay your question though.

(Teinyhr) #25

Neat. Would be cool if you could get somekind of official list up in the Fiction Portal or at least appropriate writers credited in their chronicles and other works, I mean, I understand that CCP’s pushing the “players create the story”, but I think chronicle writers and others deserve to be known as well, even if just by their codenames.

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I wish I or someone else had created this thread before the thread closing timer was added…

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This seems to be an important thread. Shouldn’t it be pinned?

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Thank you @CCP_Delegate_Zero for the pin and @Radborne_Eriker for suggesting it.

(Meda Papadopulos) #31

Is there a quick timeline/overview putting together the various Jove/Sleeper/Drifter developments? Observatories, Caroline Star, wormholes… I love these new storylines but I find it hard to really get into them.

(Teinyhr) #32

I think this is the most comprehensive list regarding the Drifters, it’s in In-Character format however:

I’m afraid there probably isn’t a TL;DR version anywhere, though the Chronicle “Inheritance” sheds quite a bit of light on the Sleeper/Drifter history up until a bit after Caroline’s Star in a fairly concise package:

I think @CCP_Delegate_Zero (who wrote that chronicle) has gone on record saying that the Jove in that chronicle is an unreliable narrator, so it’s probably best taken with slight grain of salt.

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(Makoto Priano) #33

Hi, @Meda_Papadopulos!

The thread Teinyhr linked has a lot of it, but as said it’s from an ‘in character’ perspective so doesn’t include, for instance, the Emergent Threats trailer or Inheritance. Inheritance especially has a lot of gems, but is specifically from the Third Empire Jove perspective.

That said, the in-character link does include bunches of headlines, and just scrolling down those should give you an overview. YC116 = 2014, and from there on it’s pretty easy to work out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Always happy to explain the vagaries of the nonsense we’ve been knee-deep in for years. :smiley:

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Based on a discussion elsewhere, I feel this link should be added to the list of links in the top post. It’s a copy of the ‘becoming a capsuleer’ stuff from EVE Source, which makes it pretty much essential reading for anyone wanting to engage in roleplay in EVE.

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Consider it done. I’ll add it to the FAQ section.

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I maded a small thing: EVE Lore FAQ: clones, poddings, crew deaths and backups

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Added to the main directory on the player compiled lore repositories, misc. lore, bit!