EVE Lore FAQ & Lore Resources Megathread

Is there a quick timeline/overview putting together the various Jove/Sleeper/Drifter developments? Observatories, Caroline Star, wormholes… I love these new storylines but I find it hard to really get into them.


I think this is the most comprehensive list regarding the Drifters, it’s in In-Character format however:

I’m afraid there probably isn’t a TL;DR version anywhere, though the Chronicle “Inheritance” sheds quite a bit of light on the Sleeper/Drifter history up until a bit after Caroline’s Star in a fairly concise package:

I think @CCP_Delegate_Zero (who wrote that chronicle) has gone on record saying that the Jove in that chronicle is an unreliable narrator, so it’s probably best taken with slight grain of salt.


Hi, @Meda_Papadopulos!

The thread Teinyhr linked has a lot of it, but as said it’s from an ‘in character’ perspective so doesn’t include, for instance, the Emergent Threats trailer or Inheritance. Inheritance especially has a lot of gems, but is specifically from the Third Empire Jove perspective.

That said, the in-character link does include bunches of headlines, and just scrolling down those should give you an overview. YC116 = 2014, and from there on it’s pretty easy to work out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Always happy to explain the vagaries of the nonsense we’ve been knee-deep in for years. :smiley:


Based on a discussion elsewhere, I feel this link should be added to the list of links in the top post. It’s a copy of the ‘becoming a capsuleer’ stuff from EVE Source, which makes it pretty much essential reading for anyone wanting to engage in roleplay in EVE.


Consider it done. I’ll add it to the FAQ section.


I maded a small thing: EVE Lore FAQ: clones, poddings, crew deaths and backups


Added to the main directory on the player compiled lore repositories, misc. lore, bit!


Excellent thread with a great compilation of resources pertaining to Eve Lore.

Bookmarked for future viewing and reference.



@ISD_Starsweaver @ISD_Thalack_Dalhar Pinging you since you both have replied to this topic, though I’m not sure of your administration privilege level - but could either of you look into why I can no longer edit the main post? Would’ve liked to add [Compilation] The Lore of the Jove , and ofc there is room for other stuff there to be updated like player lore compilations as they come… But currently I have no “edit this post” button despite this being my thread. :expressionless:

Thank you!


Not a resource, unfortunately, but the link at the bottom for Khanid Unionists @ https://fiction.eveonline.com/new-eden/lore/khanid is 404’d. Googling “Khanid Unionists” will get you to an article in the Backstage wiki detailing the ancestry, so we aren’t completely lost.


Following others’ lead here, @ISD_Starsweaver: is there a possibility that the larger lore articles could have hashmarks or something added to the headers, so we could link to a particular portion of the article? Just a small QoL thing and time saver.

Does anyone know how players can make contact with IC NPCs?
This list is possibly no longer accurate I’m guessing?
I’ve sent an ingame IC mail to Abja Etbald, but I don’t actually know if that character is even active/available/controlled by CCP anymore, so is there another way to get in contact with ingame NPCs?


That list is outdeated, and there are currently no official ways to contact NPCs IC. The characters still exist but it is unclear if devs receive any kind of a ping when you mail them (my guess is no).

CCP Delegate Zero (the lore dev, basically) hangs around on the RiP Discord https://discord.gg/fUJRaAf and you can send him DMs notifying him of a mail you sent ingame, and public letters on the Intergalactic Summit can be an alternative too.

The lore / NPC actor team these days is basically that one guy though and there’s tens of thousands of players in EVE… so while you sometimes get a response, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will, ever.


Wow! That’s awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for sharing!

Some minor edits done, also added a few new player compiled info dumps. If you have any Caldari related lore compilations, those would be greatly appreciated!


Hmm. Timeglider has apparently died sometime in 2020. Which is a massive ■■■■■■■ bummer not just for all of us but the person who maintained it. Anyone know if there is anything of the sort elsewhere?


Backstage lore wiki has been borked for several months now, so updated with a new resource that holds the same copy. Did not go through all the links however, so there still might be broken links to the old site.


Hi Teinyhr,

This wouldn’t be an issue if CCP had maintained Evelopedia instead of trying to use 3rd party sites as official resource. Yes, most 3rd party sites are a great resource for info, however just can’t fully rely on them to stay active.

Anyway, thank you very much for posting this thread and maintaining it over the years.



Thank you, and you’re very welcome.

It is vexing to see good services go down, like Timeglider recently, but I reckon that’s just the nature of the internet itself.

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I’m trying to look for some lore, was hoping you guys here could help me.

There used to be a good amount of stuff written about Black Rise, specifically how it was found, colonized and the initial battles between the Federation and the State over it. It said at one point that the Feds took over most of it, but the State struck back and in their retreat, the Federal troops destroyed as much infrastructure and stuff as they could, scorched ground like.

Anyone have that bit by chance? I haven’t been able to find it for years.