EVE Lore FAQ: Who are the Krullefor?

Not really a FAQ but an AQ at least, about a name that has featured frequently on the in-universe world news. I think I have all mentions of them here but the ones I missed, please let me know and I’ll add to the story. This recap ties in to several other strands of the main story (the Minmatar new regime 2008, Dust in 2013, and more recently Orlon Zashev, Sundsele Six, and the Skarkon wars) that are a bit out of scope for this and I have only skimmed over.

Who are the Krullefor?

TL;DR: The Krullefor Family is a Thukker Tribe crime organization known for their decades old turf wars with the Angel Cartel in the Molden Heath and for their friends in high places. Their mercenary group has recently been officially recognized by the Republic Security Services as a “local security contractor” in Molden Heath.

We first heard about Krullefor in YC 111 (2009), when Baliggan Krullefor, their leader, escaped from a maximum security prison in Metropolis (1), aided by an unknown force attacking a routine transport. At that point, Baliggan had served almost 20 years of a life sentence, and Krullefor’s fame was in decline. A manhunt followed (2). A Thukker tribe search team managed to capture Baliggan and his partners in crime, but they refused to release the Krullefor back to the custody of the Republic (3). Despite initially calling the refusal unacceptable, after an emergency session with the new regime, RJD declared they will not be demanding to regain custody (4). (Thukker promise to make Krullefor serve his time, but Molden Heath locals are sceptical.)

We next hear of the Family in YC 115 (2013), as an organization behind one of the “Dust 514” warclone operations: “Quite how a fugitive crime lord was able to set up a military contracting corporation while wanted by both the Thukker Tribe and Minmatar Republic authorities is difficult to explain. Nevertheless, Baliggan Krullefor managed it and his Organization supplies mercs and military equipment to various conflict zones. Some say that this is a sign of how truly chaotic the times are. Others suspect that Krullefor is simply useful to certain powerful interests.” (5)

In YC121 (2019), Seykal Clan, a notorious Thukker mercenary clan also involved in warclone mercenary business, gains control of an Amarr heretic fugitive Orlon Zashev and auctions him off on the IGS, and releases him to the Amarr (6). Republic Justice Department begins an investigation into Seykal, which leads to connections to the Krullefor (7), and the revelation that the two work closely together and control major parts of Molden Heath smuggler organizations (8). Capsuleer/warclone parties organize against Krullefor, who claim to be unaffected (9).

In the same year, Sundsele city on Mikramurka on Matar gets hit by a Deathglow attack in what is suspected to be a revenge strike by Zashev and/or Alar Chakaid. A controversy rises about who to blame for letting the attack through, and key witnesses called the ‘Sundesele Six’ disappear in an armed attack against their convoy when being transferred from RSS to tribal custody. They are found murdered later, rumored to have ‘datapads’ similar to those left behind by Thukker assassins after the parliament murders in YC110. (10) Republic Justice Department links the “Sundsele Six” transport attack with Krullefor Organization. (11)

Meanwhile, the turf wars between Angel Cartel and Krullefor/Seykal in Molden Heath continue. (12) Local anti-Krullefor forces claim RSS is tacitly supporting the Krullefor. (13) Appeals are made to the Thukker tribe to take a stance about their renegade Seykal clan’s ties to Krullefor; they decline saying it is not a “matter for the Great Caravans’’ (14).

In Skarkon, in Molden Heath, the situation in the turf wars deteriorates and the temperate planet is basically a warzone between Krullefor, Angel, local warclone and RSS/government forces. (15) When the Triglavian attacks begin, Eifyr & Co and CBD local security forces declare co-operation with the Angel Cartel ‘a war crime’, and the Republic Security Services first officially recognizes Krullefor as a “local security contractor”.(16) Kril Efrit (a clan brother of Tobias Efrit the parliament member), who came under critique of his handling of the Sundsele Six case as the RSS liaison to Matar Orbital Defense, is named the governor of Skarkon with the title of “Khumatar” (17) in what many consider basically a glorified exile. He begins a heavy-handed campaign to put down the local unrest and the warclone resistance to RSS reign, and continues even as Skarkon falls to the Triglavians. (19)

Krullefor/Angel turf wars do not stop even for the evacuation of the liminal system (19) and continues in other places, for example in Ennur, afterwards as the Skarkon evacuees bolster local gangs (20). (Kril Efrit remains on fallen Skarkon as the high General of the Tribal Resistance Army. Tobias Efrit is named Prime Minister of the Republic Parliament.)

NOTE on the timeline: Krullefor, before that held for almost twenty years, managed to escape very soon after the coup in the Republic, where in addition to the government form changing, the tribal power relationships changed from favouring the Sebiestor to favouring the Brutor and Krusual (and once they joined, also the Thukker). The Republic, in a rather sudden move and a high-level meeting, refrained to ask Krullefor back from the Thukker. Since then, Krullefor’s power has been slowly growing at the same time with the power of the Krusual tribe, the latter especially exemplified by the rise of the Efrit clan. In a little over a decade, they have risen from tacit rumors of outside help in the escape to friends in high places to officially recognized as an RSS contractor.

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