EVE Monument namefinder back online

thank you! Now found. It looks like some names are possible to find only manually:)


found it.

people’s consecutively named alts look ridiculous on it.


Found mine, thank you!

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This is pretty cool tbh… to have the Titan Mark is a touch… Thank you !

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How many names are there on the Monument?

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Yay, found mine \o/

No titan badge, sadly. Seemingly, didn’t pay for subscription during the 2013 timeframe =(

what do we know now?
That ccp is not able to identify alts as alts look at this ■■■■:

" To have your character’s name engraved on the monumental expansion, make sure to have an active Omega account on 6 May 2023 (in any time zone), and your character with the highest amount of Skill Points will forever stand alongside the legends of New Eden."

Edit: no Monument but Spamument

I have to admit that it doesn’t look good.

I believe they meant an account by ‘you’, not a person. If those are alts on different accounts, then I don’t see any contradiction.

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nope… this is why: ccp do not recognize alts if they are on different emails. and what ccp did here is pure scam for those who wanted to keep secret how many accounts they have.

Found myself while I was there. Just next to apparently my Mom, lol


My character is not in there. No apostrophe.