EVE Museum updates ⭐ Dividends: 1.2 %

(Art Vandolay) #15

Why not?

(CistaCista) #16

I may end up doing that - I did use collateral once before - but in principle the items and ships are there for the public.

(CistaCista) #17

Btw I am also thinking that each bank account holder (for min. 1 bn) will be sent 1 share (value 40 mil) as a welcome present.
This I would do because I want the community of shareholders to be as diverse as possible - I am worried that the current shareholders eventually become mostly inactive players.

(CistaCista) #18

No shareholder has voiced objections for the bank idea, at the same time noone have stated they would like to see it. Please state your opininion, I will set up a vote in a few days.

Meanwhile, the first sale in the Museum “shop” of officer module has gone through. This means that 2 years into the project, you shareholders can finally receive actual dividends from actual profit made on transparent EVE Museum business yay! The sold items can be seen here.

(CistaCista) #19

Ok! Having given the financing matter some thought, I have decided to put forward less controversial cash injection of a collateralised loan. This will be for max. 70 bn and collateralised with the Freki. I will make the 1% and 1.5% options that I mentioned available, but not call it a bank.

The purpose also as mentioned, is for the Museum to trade more officer modules and this way create its own profits (and publicity).

I consider this vote a “safe” vote and it should go through smoothly, as we have done a collateralised loan before. Please vote yes, I will leave the vote open for 5 days. If noone votes at all, I will consider the vote as passed based on my own vote.

Happy voting!
edit: this is a shareholder voter in case you are in doubt.

(CistaCista) #20

Dividends have been paid out and they were record high:

2.04 M per share (5.1%). 3000 shares out, total payout is 6.12 bn, accumulated payout is 57.3 bn.

You may notice that these dividends were paid out over two rounds. Why?

This is because the museum is now making its own money with the officer module shop, and the first month of sales went splendidly. Six modules were sold.
The October dividends of altogether 5.1% thus are broken down as 2.2% that came from the known and transparent profits from the forum sales, and 2.9% came from the dark money pool of Cista2.

It is the ambition that the donations from Cista2 shall at some point shrink to nothing and the museum shall be independent.

Also, the vote about taking a loan went through (100%), so be on the lookout for that loan/bonds later this month.

(Magnu Stormhawk) #21

Confirming receipt of dividend.

Also noting I may be open to selling my 100 shares. Will consider offers of 45m+ per share. Not interested in selling small amounts off, but will consider splitting between a couple of buyers if necessary.

(Nouva MacGyver) #22

Magnu, I can take the 100 shares off of you for 47m each. Let me know here and I’ll get back to you soon as I can (sometimes I don’t get to check back often so pardon any delays in replies).

(Magnu Stormhawk) #23

Agreed, thanks.

Presume Cista2 will want to broker it.

No rush on my part by the way.

(Tal lon Karrde) #24

Looking to purchase shares if anyone is willing to part with the ones they own.

Opening offer: 45m per share

Willing to increase price for groups of shares, PM me if interested

(Nouva MacGyver) #25

I can do a direct transfer of ISK to your character first, and then you can transfer the shares to me within the next 48 hours. Let me know if this is feasible.

(CistaCista) #26

Nouva, check your mail, the shares were sent to Cista2 :laughing:

(Walter Pryst) #27

Also looking for shares, though in smaller amounts. Willing to pay 48million each for up to 5 shares.

(CistaCista) #28

Dividends for November have been paid:
1.49 M per share (3.7%). 3000 shares out, total payout is 4.48 bn, accumulated payout is 61.8 bn.
Two modules were sold in the shop, which provided 1.3% of the 3.7% dividends.

Look out for an important shareholder vote in the coming days.

(CistaCista) #29

New important vote!

Dear shareholders, the Museum Rules of Governance and share payout system was made 2½ years ago, and for me the time has come for a major change.

I wish to

  • discard the complicated two-wallet system
  • reduce dividend payouts to come ONLY from profits from the sales in my EVE Museum shop
  • making the whole company fully transparent and profit-oriented

I will also want to keep some of these profits within the museum, or else I lack incentive to keep trading through the month.

The full new Rules of Governance I suggest are these (refer to the website for comparison):

  1. The purpose of the museum is to buy, preserve, and exhibit discontinued items = artefacts.
  2. The museum ceo (CistaCista) has full control of all assets. Cista2 is a donor of ISK and assets, but ISK can never transfer back to Cista2.
  3. Artefact purchases are made by CC without consultations, but buy prices must remain public on this webpage.
  4. No artefact purchase can exceed 50% of current combined wallet size
  5. Shares: there are 10,000 shares. 5,000 can be sold at 5 sales of 1,000 shares, price of shares can go up.
  6. The Museum is allowed to buy and sell certain trade items not intended for the collection, as the means to make income.
  7. All profit from sales of trade items will be paid out each month as dividends to the totality of 10,000 shares. Any losses will be subtracted from profits of that month, but not from subsequent months.
  8. The api of CC and the CMW must remain open for public scrutiny of isk flow
  9. Share sales, collateralised loans, or any change to the governing principles, can happen only after shareholder vote.

This is an important vote as your dividends will be changed fundamentally. You can gauge this might lessen the dividends, but I will aim to increase trade and increase profits.

  • If it is a yes vote, I may sell more shares in 2018 if I like the way trade is going.
  • If it is a no vote I will most likely wind down the public company in summer 2018.
  • For this vote I will in fact vote yes myself with the 200 shares that are currently with Cista2 (there are 2800 other shares out there).
    Shares can be sold back to the museum for 40 mil each at any time.

I recommend you vote yes to the new rules! The vote is open now until 7 days from now.
(the loan we had a vote for might not happen, as I don’t have a need for money atm)

(Nouva MacGyver) #30

Cista, replied to your mail and expedited. Sorry for the delay!

And, my vote is in for the changes.

(CistaCista) #31

The share sale from Magnu to Nouva has been effected.

(TaiPei Yvormes) #32

CistaCista I was hoping to talk with you a out how you started this with your shares and would like to get any notes if any you are willing to give me.

(Ryan Baldur) #33

Voted yes

(CistaCista) #34

Hey guys, the important shareholder vote went through (100% of given votes).

Thank you, this makes things so much easier. The wallets can be combined at will, which gives the museum much more liquidity to buy and sell in the forum shop in the future.
However, you much expect the dividends for this month to be low.