The Fourth EVE Museum Share Sale - closed!

NB! This sale is now over. Shares can now only be bought from other players.

The shareholder vote went through (100%) and the fourth EVE Museum share sale is now open!

The total value of this share release is 40 bn ISK.
There are 1000 shares available to buy at a price of 40 million ISK each.
(Edit: 216 recreated shares were later added to the sale)

Minimum guaranteed dividend is 1 % in the next 6 months.

Send the ISK for the number of shares you want directly to CistaCista, and post here on this thread that you have sent the money. Only the money transfer marks that you have the right to shares.

I will record it right here in this post here when I have transferred your shares to you. Be sure to check your wallet for the shares asap.

200 shares is the maximum that one person can buy. (ONLY 69 LEFT NOW)
You can sell back your shares to the museum, for 40 mil ISK, anytime you wish.

Alocose - 25
Dove Hita - 20
Elizabeth Norn - 200
Kithran - 200
Lord Hook - 200
Nero Farway - 69
Peder V Mikkelsen - 25
Ryan Baldur - 50
Shareq ifunen - 200
Walter Pryst - 2
Xinryu - 25
Zahara Cody - 200

Still available: 0 shares out of a total of 1216 sold.



EVE Museum is a privately run but part public-owned corporation. The long term purpose of the museum is to collect and exhibit artifacts of EVE.

Shares in EVE Museum have been sold 3 times before, twice in 2015 and once in 2017. There are currently 3,000 shares out with the public, out of 10,000 total shares created.

Owning shares gives investors the right to dividends and participation in votes, but not control over the museum assets. There is no collateral.
The api of CistaCista and of the Museum are both public on the webpage.

Currently the museum is doing a new trade business with a list of limited edition items, which gave a profit of 1,2 % for all shareholders for the month December 2018. This business will continue through 2019.

There is a guranteed minimum dividend of 1 % for the next 6 months. I expect there should be dividends of 1.5 % for some months.*)

Here is an overview of all Cista2/CistaCista enterprises since 2009, all have been without collateral
Investments tally 411 bn and dividends paid out tally 137 bn.

Here is the website of the Museum where you can also see the Rules of Governance.
Here is the Museum update forum thread

First share sale in 2015
Second share sale in 2015
Third share sale in 2017

Here is a graph of the dividends paid out by the museum each month since May 2015

*) Be aware that the calculated profits are not mathematically precise. I am much too lazy for that, so only the sell prices will be calculated precisely. The museum buys all items from Cista2 at an estimated fair market price for each, and profits are calculated from that price. Also I don’t take into account any of the broker fees, instead a roundabout “fee” of 10% ([was first 5%]) is subtracted from the overall profit before the dividend is paid out. These calculations will not be public, although the sales themselves can be confirmed with the public api.

800 mio send

80mil sent

20 shares have been sent to Dove Hita.
2 shares have been sent to Walter Pryst.

1 bn sent

I have sent 1 billion ISK as well for 25 shares

Thank You,

Thank you,
shares have been sent to the last two posters!

1b sent for 25 shares

Shares have been sent!

2 billion sent

50 shares sent to Ryan Baldur

*) small correction to bottom of post no.2, where it is noted that I will subtract a small " broker fee" from the monthly dividends. I changed this to 10% of the profits, since I can see that I will actually boost the dividends too muc - the actual in-game broker fees do take a lot of the profit.

I’ll take the maximum number of shares allowed please.

I would like to buy 200 shares… will send isk when confirmed.

i take 200 shares,waiting for confirmation to transfer money

Norn, Cody, Shareq, feel free to send money, there is currently still 850 shares available, so enough for everyone.

200 shares = 8 bn ISK is the max.

isk transfered,
with respect shareq Iguenn

200 shares sent to shareq ifunen

I’ll take 200 if there still available?

ISK sent.