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This thread is the home of all activities related to EVE Museum.

EVE Museum is a public company, although the share owners do no not own the right to the assets. Shares were sold in two rounds in 2015 and a third round in 2017. Atm you can only buy shares from other shareholders.
Eve Museum is found in the Malkalen system. Read all about us on the Eve Museum webpage.

In this thread you find announcements from us regarding

  • monthly financial reports
  • dividend payouts
  • sale of available shares (from buybacks)
  • other activities such as shareholder votes

As an interested party you can

  • request to buy shares from other players
  • set your own shares for sale for a price higher than the 40 mil buyback guarantee
  • ask for Cista2 to engage in a safe share transaction
  • and of course ask any questions or raise any discussion re. the museum

When there are no shares available, you can always consider giving the museum an interest-free loan or a simple donation! Thanks!

[CistaCista = Cista2]
Public API keys:
CistaCista key ID: 4390041, code QkBx9cbBOLY4bIRZmLiSCZvbzQhNqAgPVGWtlZ36IDretlQsYzjeoavlk76M6leG
Museum corp key ID: 3817306, code VwBws7XLlio5i6jlS0DpoWrKaiUFxm1eyFgHcpRRTQQpjGrZfru0YTSmrxiTcjaQ

Edit: great, I posted the “eternal” thread using the wrong character.

I will probably never discover how to switch char, so here goes

Dividends for July have been paid out -
1.14 M per share (2.8%).
Total payout this month is 3.41 bn, accumulated payout is 42.21 bn.

I let the dividend size slide a little this month. In August the museum will make a big buy and this will push the dividends riight up, contrarilywise, as Tweedledee would have said. Or was that Tweedledum?


Click the character portrait on the top right, scroll all the way down, the log out option will be there. o7

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Please note that financial reporting will be quarterly from now on, so the next financial report will be September 2017.

Cista2 will still make dividend payments and post updates on a monthly basis.