EVE Museum updates ⭐ Dividends: 1.2 %

NB! There is an ongoing share sale in this thread!

This thread is the home of all activities related to EVE Museum.

EVE Museum is a public company, although the share owners do no not own the right to the assets. Shares were sold in two rounds in 2015 and a third round in 2017. Atm you can only buy shares from other shareholders.
Eve Museum is found in the Malkalen system. Read all about us on the Eve Museum webpage.

In this thread you find announcements from us regarding

  • monthly reports on finances and dividend payouts
  • sale of available shares (from buybacks)
  • other activities such as shareholder votes

As an interested party you can

  • request to buy shares from other players
  • set your own shares for sale for a price higher than the 40 mil buyback guarantee
  • ask for Cista2 to engage in a safe share transaction
  • and of course ask any questions or raise any discussion re. the museum

When there are no shares available, you can always consider giving the museum an interest-free loan, or make a simple donation and become infamous! Thanks!

Default value of shares is 40 mil, latest known share price in a trade was 47 mil (this post). Be aware that dividends are atm fixed and low and you should probably not buy overpriced shares from other players.

Atm the Museum is not running any independent business. Before there was the EVE Museum Shop of officer modules, which is now in hibernation.

[CistaCista = Cista2]
Public API keys:
CistaCista key ID: 4390041, code QkBx9cbBOLY4bIRZmLiSCZvbzQhNqAgPVGWtlZ36IDretlQsYzjeoavlk76M6leG
Museum corp key ID: 3817306, code VwBws7XLlio5i6jlS0DpoWrKaiUFxm1eyFgHcpRRTQQpjGrZfru0YTSmrxiTcjaQ

Are any shareholders offering shares for purchase? Please message me here or in game with share prices. Looking to get 3-5, depending on price

As previously indicated, the museum has finally bought its first Tournament ship, a freki for 80 bn. Yay!
The good news for investors is, in order to allow such a big purchase, rules say the museum must first be stoked with extra moneys. This then sieves out through the dividends as well - so they jumped this month to 4%.

August 2017: 1.62 M per share (4.0%). 3000 shares out, total payout is 4.85 bn, accumulated payout is 47.06 bn.


Putting up a buy offer for shares. Will offer a great buying price.

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Still looking to buy 3-5 shares, price negotiable. Please contact me in-game

Before buying, be aware that dividends will certainly drop in the coming months, I would prefer they go towards 2% rather than 4%.

In other news, after some talks with Magnu, we have decided to discontinue the formal financial reports from Mag. This has been hard work, and the thing is that
A) I am now in full pursuit of the project of buying/selling stuff within the museum itself, and the amount of work to do for precise accounting would be mindblowing in the coming years, with all the thousands of broker fee adjustments.
B) the reports from Magnu was a step for me to shine more professionalism on my project when we started out selling shares. But I am in no need of credibility now as the project has already run more than 2 years and i don’t plan on selling more shares
C) higher and permanent visibility for the museum will instead come from a permanent Sales Forum thread that I will be starting sometime soonish.

Going forward, I will give a report on the size of the wallets each month and how the monthly dividends were achieved, along with major buys and other events. I will try to do an estimate of the total worth of the museum from time to time.

Thanks Magnu Stormhawk for all the hard work these two years! I wish I could push a button and make reports that were of the same caliber :slight_smile:
Magnu will continue as a treasured advisor for all future developments.

Thanks for the update. If anyone is looking to get rid of shares due to these changes, I’m still eager to purchase a few.

The sales thread is up, the start of EVE Museum as a profit making entity in its own right!

Dividends have been paid. i didn’t add new money, so dividends slipping slightly:
1.37 M per share (3.7%). 3000 shares out, total payout is 4.12 bn, accumulated payout is 51.18 bn.

Before dividend payout there is 27 bn in CC wallet and 17 bn residing in the master wallet.
No additions to the collections this month except for a kind donation of a rigged Caracal from petertje35.

For trade, the museum now has 5 officer modules available in the sales thread.

That was rude!!

…AND as I was saying, generous contributions from Noobs Market Orders - who never left any trail of messages to aid my deteriorating memory - but nevertheless was the one to donate a Pacifier and several other ships and goodies!

HAHAHA Brilliant

As you know, the museum is now allowed to trade stuff for profit. The vote for that was back in February, but I didn’t really start buying merchandise until now. Now I have a sale thread (of officer modules) which I will nurse and develop into a permanent shop for the museum.
I really like this shop idea and am looking forward to continued publicity from it in the years to come. (I do think one of the recent donations came about that way).

But modules have slow turnover and the investments will drain the museum master wallet. Some time soon I will wish I had more money!
I know many people will want me to sell more shares, but I don’t want to as I tend to pour too much money into dividends. If the museum makes actual profit over a period, then maybe.

So I am thinking of starting a small bank instead, with low interest. This would actually be my third time making a bank in EVE lol (the second bank was this one from 2010). Here is my idea for a bank sprout:

  • Total cap 50 bn
  • Minimum account 1 bn
  • Max account 10 bn
  • 1% interest on an account you can withdraw within 1 week
  • 1.5% interest on an account you can withdraw within 1 month

The 3000 shares that are out now have an official value of 120 bn, i.e. that is what I owe other players at this point. (There hasn’t been anyone asking to hand back shares for years though.)
The full value of the museum is 400-500 bn.
I could put up the Freki as collateral for the bank, but I don’t want to.
And if noone puts money in the bank, we wouldn’t be any worse off.

Let me hear what you think, would you vote yes to allow the bank, even without a collateral set up? And what do non-shareholders think?

Private banking… :slight_smile:

Why not?

I may end up doing that - I did use collateral once before - but in principle the items and ships are there for the public.

Btw I am also thinking that each bank account holder (for min. 1 bn) will be sent 1 share (value 40 mil) as a welcome present.
This I would do because I want the community of shareholders to be as diverse as possible - I am worried that the current shareholders eventually become mostly inactive players.

No shareholder has voiced objections for the bank idea, at the same time noone have stated they would like to see it. Please state your opininion, I will set up a vote in a few days.

Meanwhile, the first sale in the Museum “shop” of officer module has gone through. This means that 2 years into the project, you shareholders can finally receive actual dividends from actual profit made on transparent EVE Museum business yay! The sold items can be seen here.

Ok! Having given the financing matter some thought, I have decided to put forward less controversial cash injection of a collateralised loan. This will be for max. 70 bn and collateralised with the Freki. I will make the 1% and 1.5% options that I mentioned available, but not call it a bank.

The purpose also as mentioned, is for the Museum to trade more officer modules and this way create its own profits (and publicity).

I consider this vote a “safe” vote and it should go through smoothly, as we have done a collateralised loan before. Please vote yes, I will leave the vote open for 5 days. If noone votes at all, I will consider the vote as passed based on my own vote.

Happy voting!
edit: this is a shareholder voter in case you are in doubt.

Dividends have been paid out and they were record high:

2.04 M per share (5.1%). 3000 shares out, total payout is 6.12 bn, accumulated payout is 57.3 bn.

You may notice that these dividends were paid out over two rounds. Why?

This is because the museum is now making its own money with the officer module shop, and the first month of sales went splendidly. Six modules were sold.
The October dividends of altogether 5.1% thus are broken down as 2.2% that came from the known and transparent profits from the forum sales, and 2.9% came from the dark money pool of Cista2.

It is the ambition that the donations from Cista2 shall at some point shrink to nothing and the museum shall be independent.

Also, the vote about taking a loan went through (100%), so be on the lookout for that loan/bonds later this month.