Eve needs an UI-facelift?

Makes a massive difference. Setting up each of my alts the same way was a pain tho, screenshots help.

This was interesting…

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I played EvE on a laptop for years…still do on occasion…yeah, gets a bit crowded. Spoiled now with bigger monitor, but mobility of laptop is appealing. Still a single monitor, though.

I dont understand? do you want me to list all things that are in a fully customizable UI? :confused:

Its quite clear?
i want a fully customizable UI.
so that others may make ui-mods plugins for me to choose from - what suits my needs. as others may choose diffrent ui layout to suit theirs.
… Just like how WoW handles ui.

If so my ui choice would entail:
movement of the hud freefloat style instead of just “up or down”.
the windows would not have a “fixed minimum ratio/size” (with alot of deadspace inbetween)
my Target list would be atleast 200% of what it is now and all the rest would maybe be 75% of what it is now.
My “target list” would be 100% solid - same goes for overview tab.

This is just on top of my mind… How would you modify your ui for your needs?

i play on a 32" (sweeeet!)… this is the size of 1 out of 4 windows.
and everytime i change # windows, i hafto rearange everything…

i know, but when resize the windows, everything changes, and then the changes i made dont “fit”… it gets old real quick to try to make ui look nice, with current ui-options.

What im trying to say is
To determine if a product is “good” or “bad” one simple question can be:
Does the product adapt to the customer or does the customer adapt to the product?

I am adapting to the product, multiple times per day, and its a pain…
and tbh, im sorry!.. but i dont agree with people that say that EVE is a beautiful game…

Hmmm, I can immediately think of quite a few instances where this isn’t the case.

No need to apologize for having an opinion.
One thing that I imagine would make a transition to a fully customizable UI is the fact that in contrast to WoW’s UI, EVE’s UI was not designed this way from the beginning. I am no programmer but I’d think that opening up the game to allow add-ons to modify the EVE UI, after 17 years as is, would be asking for trouble. I am happy to be corrected on this matter, of course.

While it can’t exactly replace the entire UI, this is the entire point of my project EveVision.

It’s a EULA-legal way to extend the EVE Online UI. It’s only a little over a month old and is currently mostly a way to use existing third party tools ingame, but I’m already working on the real goal - a plugin system for others to develop beautiful EVE-themed UI components just like in WoW that can be used without fear of it infecting your computer or sending off your character’s data somewhere. All you have to know is HTML, CSS, and TypeScript. Someone already reimplemented the original Jukebox themselves within a week of EveVision’s release, and now it’s part of EveVision.

CCP Aurora has stated on the forums that it is currently okay to use (note this isn’t a final approval, we’re still working through whether future features are OK).

Here’s the forum thread

And the separate FAQ


I think they should just make the UI moddable like other games and let the community figure out how to make it better.

Edit: Looks like EveVision is the answer. About damn time.

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Yes, you are alone. The EVE UI is fine.


FTFY, some parts of the Eve community are well known for exploiting any edge that CCP inadvertently allows.

An example would be the Bacon app that exploited the fact that you could poll the logserver to get real time updates on who was in a system, and then compared those updates to a standing list in order to produce different alerts depending on standings.

You already (mostly) can. It is idiocy like this that makes me lash out in these forums. It is fools like you coming here bleating about all the things that are wrong in the game and present their awesome solutions whithout checking first if it is already possible. ■■■■ off!.

Want to play wow? ■■■■ off from my EvE and play wow.

You are the problem

Wow, you dont know how to arrange your UI at all. Mine is a lot more tidy.


Indeed, you can get a pretty good workflow if you set it up right.


In EvE I can rearrange windows as I need. Can’t do that so easily in WoW without those addons.

you want custom UI?

you know eve is about 6 codes about to be 7 codes sewn together in a giant blob of code that the devs dont even know wtf is what.

no new people learned the existing code before all the old people left and just starting adding their own new gen coding, those people up and left and new people added yet another code.

the POS system is still around all because they cant figure out how to delete it without breaking eve.


you have :red_circle: in neocom now :)))

No actually, you are the problem and also you are only insulting yourself.
ps. i hate wow.

The more i think about it EVE ui its rather basic, the framework which it was build upon is 17 years old. Its far from “fine” today.

Im not a programer either (dont know the lingo) but i know system architecture and i belive you are right. Adding things to this current UI “base” is not going to work, it would only be more polish and im think eve is maxed out on polish already.
they would hafto remake the entire UI and i really hope this is something that CCP prioritize.
CCP devs, if your reading this; i think you should go with your guts here and take the bull by its horn and just re-do the client, i know you know, its needed.

Agree 100% set it up so the the community can craft the UI! im unsure of EveVision? sure its a nice tool to have, and mad respect @Jaydubs !
instead of 15 tabs in Chrome… just one simple ingame tool! nice!
…but for the purpose of changing/customize is it possible to alter UI-windows?

Yes, i know how to arrange my ui.
i just dont bother doing it everytime i resize eve.
print is “quick and dirty” ui arrangement. ingame windows are at their smallest sizes, they cannot be any smaller due to UI limitations.

ps. @Trudeaux_Margaret btw, in what instances are my simple question not applicable to product adaption to customers or viceversa? im genuinly interested in knowing this :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately not, it would be strictly against the EULA if I or anyone else made modifications to existing windows. That’s the real magic trick of EveVision - I figured out how to add onto the UI without modifying the game and thus violating the EULA. But maybe one day they’ll give us the tools to do so.

Well, video games is a huge one.
Let’s look at World Of Warcraft as an example. In its early years, it was known as a highly social game where most of the end-game content could only be accomplished in guilds. And the mid-tier dungeon content had to have a group of five, which the players had to organize themselves. The players complained about the frustrations of putting groups together, so Blizzard added an automatic group-finding feature to take away all the work. All you had to do was press a button and the game would put together a group made of players all over your region.

The end result of this was that server reputations ceased to matter. There was no continuity in who you played with, so there was no longer any reason to be friendly to players within your group. You didn’t have to work to overcome objectives anymore-- if someone was annoying, you could just kick 'em out and have a replacement within seconds (or at worst, minutes).

The effect this had on the social fabric of the game cannot be overstated. And what’s more, a lot of people didn’t care. Taking the path of least resistance had a tradeoff of reduced quality of interaction, but the majority of players went with it all the same. And complained about how the game had changed, and began leaving. This was the start of the game’s long decline in participation rates, leading Blizzard to introduce even more “conveniences” that were solutions to non-existent problems. Certainly, many of their changes did help the game for the better, but many of them came about simply because the players whined about how something took too long, or whatever.

The TL;DR of this is: the customer is not always right. The customer wants the easiest way to do things, which is not always the best thing for the situation.

Oh, man. That sucks. I didn’t know they did WoW like that. One of the first things I always think when I think WoW is how they’ve got all these servers with different guilds and reputations…

Actulley i wrote a lenghty response to you about wow… but i ended up deleted it all becouse i just got in a bad mood thinking on how much blizzard fails over and over again.
And also its a little bit offtopic, but i will say this…

Yes, when it comes to blizzard, my “simple questions” might break down, but i think thats becouse we have diffrent synonyms of the word “accommodate” (or whatever word i used)

I think what im trying to say that Blizzard has lost it’s identity in so many games, and when it reaches that level blizzard is at, then the word is no longer “accomodate”… more like Blizzard morphs into “what the community wants” … and by “community” is? i dont know who community is… its no me anyway.

I think however that one of the thing WoW / Blizzard did right was to enable a community driven customizable UI… and i miss this alot in EVE.

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