Eve needs content fixes, not new content

Design pass on mining please. its long over due. Additionally, it should have the following

  • Danger mechanic not involving pirate npcs
    • Either asteroid collision, or gas explosions.
    • These mechanics should be avoided by simply piloting.

Rat vs player combat
The Pirate NPC to player interaction needs to be improved significantly.

  • I recommend improved rats.
    • Do not make their damage excessively high
    • Do not make their tank excessively high
    • Do not depend on E-War to do this
    The Above should not violate the conditions. Other wise players will adapt with significantly high damage fits, significantly high tank fits, or straight annoyance (which will cause players to leave).
  • It probably would be a good direction to involve a player with an allied npc logic and some “dodge” mechanics to improve intellectual stimulation.

Ice and Gas mining
you are really really dropping the ball on this one. mining is by far one of the most significant means in which players engage eve. by making it easier to access and complete ice and ore mining you are opening the door of new types of corporation and content access with out requiring the creation of new content.

  • Reduce the required skill timer difficulty to something equal to Ore for both Gas and Ice
  • Significantly improve the gas sites in all regions of space
  • Significant improve the ice sites in all regions of space
    • In both cases above, the sites should be permanent.

LP System needs to be redesigned. Remove the LP Store. Grant LP rewards after completing mission chains. change isk income rates to

  • Level 1 Missions
    • 500,000 isk + 1 million isk (bonus) per a mission
  • Level 2 Missions
    • 1 million + 2 Million (bonus) per mission
  • Level 3 Missions
    • 5 million + 7.5 million (bonus) per mission
  • Level 4 Missions
    • 15 million + 20 million (bonus) per mission
  • Level 5 Missions
    • 35 million + 25 million (bonus) per mission

LP rework
Shift LP into a currency is add to a bar. the bar will have 5 levels to it. each time you complete a level you obtain 1 item, and option of one of two other items, or to skip the optional items and progress to the next level.

This way they get either 2 items for completing a level, or can progress for something more valuable. make the reward bar reset after the bonus item is taken back to level 1.

Mission team play
We really need it to be that lp scales with player count. People should be able to do missions as a group activity, and it should pretty much be required for level 5’s sort of like mini-incursions.

ezpz broseph

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