The Need for more content in Eve that facilitates movement

I will consider this Idea dead.

Players will figure this out when they have some loot to move. Just having the skill won’t do anything. You start with Mining Frigate 1 but not ever new player gets into mining.

The solar system map is already covered in scannable signatures and there are existing options for players to learn about this such as the career mission chains. Dropping this requirement into missions will force skill diversification that’ll either force mission declination or divert training from combat skills, which can be an issue for alpha players.

Let players choose the activities they want to participate in.

Which exist in archaeological sites, some of which are region specific. Missions are not required for this; the content is there to be found and players are already lead to it if they’re interested in it.

Standings are not broken. If you want loyalty points you can spend anywhere there’s already a system in place for that. Get involved in invasions and incursions. It’s a major benefit of picking this content over mission running. If you want that benefit, pick the appropriate content.

I can’t endorse a change to standings or LP that makes either easier. Missions are already an ISK faucet and your proposals make it worse.

Pirates have loyalty point stores. They are amongst the most lucrative in the game. If you want access to pirate missions and content get yourself off to nullsec where they already exist.

There’s no justification for making pirate territory work like highsec. You want those rewards you take those risks.

There’s nothing stopping you organising a PvP event with whatever rules you want. They happen all the time. PvP content will not be handed to you in this game in a controlled risk or fair setting. You want your content, go find it.

And if you want gameplay with constant movement and variety, join a WH Corp.

New characters do start with racial industrial 1, so I’m not sure I’m understanding you right. In addition, if they do the career missions as the game instructs you to do, they’ll end up with two tier 1 industrial ships as well as a couple of cargo extenders. And some cash.

It’s not entirely obvious to me that we should encourage new players to pile everything they own into a tech 1 industrial, either. But who knows.

Indy ships: Players are supposed to learn to work their way up in terms of skills and modules. Giving it to them up front isn’t going to make them learn the game better. Also, they don’t necessarily need all this cargo space up front, they really don’t. In fact, enabling them to do so is inviting them to put all their eggs in one basket, and we know what happens then…

Security missions: L1-L4 (excluding burners) are low-level PVE that serve as training grounds for higher end PVE content (non-missions, or L4 burners + L5s), and PVP itself. Missions comprise the minority of PVE content - the solution to everything you’ve described it “move on from missions”

Standings and LP: As the Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] (people hire us to raise standings by large amounts in a very short period of time), I’m a subject matter expert in this area, I can tell you that right now a lot of your feelings toward the system have to do by failing to understand and work with the system rather than against it. Don’t get me wrong - there are plenty of things that could be improved, but not in the areas you are addressing. There are numerous, numerous, numerous, numerous, numerous issues with what you are proposing that I won’t even go into other than to say that those who are ignorant of standings mechanics (or any other kind of mechanics) and their implications should probably not suggest such radical changes. If you’d like to learn more about how to can improve your standings yourself, join the USIA Discord server and we can teach you. (And if you want to get paid for running missions, we have job opportunities as well!)

Lowsec: Your premise that there is no incentive for people to mission in lowsec is false. Hisec islands already exist. Magically changing lowsec systems goes against lore and is both unnecessary and does not effectively address what is arguably a non-existent problem. The best solution to your problems are to be better educated so you can operate freely in lowsec and reap the benefits that lowsec offers that hisec does not without fear of ganks.

CCP has frequent events. One of their most recent events involved scanning (it was controversial). PVP arena exist: they’re called FW complexes. There are numerous issues with TZ events I’m not even going to go into other than to say they are categorically a bad idea.

Find a corp to educate you and all these non-existent problems that you perceive to be problems will address themselves.

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Part 1



Do the career agents.

Part 2

The type of semi-exploration and semi-combat content you’re looking for describes combat anoms and ded sites. They’re out there.

Meanwhile, no need to force scanning on people that don’t want it.

Part 3

It wasn’t complete clear what you were asking for toward the end, but being able to easily gain standings and lp for all corps under a faction does not encourage movement, but enables the opposite.

If i usually run fed navy missions, but I want roden LP and standings, i have to move to a roden station and start running those missions.

If i can get the LP and standings for any gallente corp from my usual corp, why wouldn’t i just stay where i am and transfer LP?

Also, what’s the point in transferring LP if all stores are the same?

Part 4

One of the reasons pirate missions pay so well is that they are hard to get to and few people do them.

If you make them more accessible they are going to lose value.

Hi-sec islands surrounded by low-sec do exist as well.

Regarding a system dropping to null, there’s a rumor something like this might be coming. Though it’s not quite null sec and it’s related to Triglavian invasion.

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