New level 4 missions

During the last years the focus was on Pochven and abyssal space, factional warfare and now nullsec again. Can we have some new level 4 missions in the close future ?
Last time we got some new level 4 missions (non-burner) was in 2013 and it was only 2 of them !


What would be any different about them? Go here, kill X number of ships, collect X item, against X faction. Same shizz, different day. Maybe if they had you go up against Trigs or Edencom that would at least be a little different.

It would be different for me that I like doing them from time to time and I know that I’m not the only one out there. Surely I would like to see a complete revamp of the mission systems in Eve , but since so much time has passed without receiving any attention from CCP, I guess that would be just day dreaming.
You may find them dull and yes they kinda are , in the end is just a cycle of limited number of missions that keep repeating themselves , but you can say the same about any kind of PvE activity in Eve. That’s why it needs some revigoration , it’s an archaic system that hasn’t been touched in ages while other aspects in Eve received some changes.

Rather than L4’s I would like to see more epic arcs in high sec. There’s only one, while there are six or so that take place in low and null.


Plenty of room for improvements here also . There’s enough factions that lack one of those. Creating a new one for one of those factions in highsec shouldn’t be so difficult…

Or at least arcs for blood raiders and sansha

There’s blood raiders, sansha, serpentis, mordus, triglavians, edencom, upwell , ore . Plenty to choose from.

If you want different lvl4s, go do missions for a different faction. Not all factions have all lvl4s

Outside of some flavor text you’ll maybe read once, all missions are basically the same. This is a universal constant of all games, not just EvE.

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Aside from trig/edencom the only other faction we get asked to boost standings for null is the blood raiders due to the diamond rats.


You can get 2.0+ standing with pirate factions and never even step foot in null. Train up Social skills and kill exactly one belt rat in Caldari, Gallente, Amarr, and Minmatar space, then never kill another one again.

You can even hit 10.0 standing with O.R.E. and never even leave high sec if you run the SOE Arc enough times. :wink:

I used to keep a DST with a Tengu in it and do just that , travel to various mission hubs of different factions just to change the scenery and get more variety with the missions. In the end you get to know them all and want something new.

Park a Tengu in each hub and jump clone. Zero travel, zero risk of getting your mollases-ass DST nuked along with your Tengu. :wink:

Lol, that would break the Tengu market . You don’t happen to be seeding those do you ?! :thinking:

Meh, Tengu hulls are still relatively cheap. About the same as an exhumer. You sure as hell won’t see me hauling Hulk’s around to various areas. I buy them locally and keep them parked where they are needed.

More missions, more epic arcs are always cool to have.

There should be dynamic missions around important geographic particularities, like Incursions or FOBs, or the Insurgencies nowadays. New missions should show up around these places and offer activities like reconnaissance, evacuation aid, combat support for NPC fleets. You could even have pirate agents spawn in space and offer missions to sabotage Empire military efforts, recon for convoys and so on.

You could even create mini arcs (sort of like the multi-stage missions) around these areas of space and tie certain efforts into a more cohesive adventure string.


Make Empire Faction L5s available in high-sec (remove from low/sec). Replace with new Pirate-specific L5 content in low-sec.

Stop being afraid of leaving highsec. :thinking:

Live in a wh and do hs missions for content. Any new missions would get old just as fast anyway.

The one change I would like to see, other than the epic arcs I mentioned above, is the ability to directly sell LP to other players other than in the form of spending LP for items then selling the items. If I have 1 million Caldari Navy LP, I would like to be able to directly sell that to another player and then they can use it to purchase whatever they want on the LP store.

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