Exploration - new type of missions

To add a new type of missions - scan down a mission generic signature and use data/relic analyzer.

It can be inside Distribution agent division or Security (or even R&D).

Highest levels will not bring greater difficulty for hacking process but do raises reward. There can be rouge drones added for the highest levels of such a missions.

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Have you done the sisters of eve arc?

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also why not… you know just do relic/data sights.

I believe he wants the regular missions, L1 to L5, which you get from NPCs at NPC stations, to include a new type of mission. Hence his reference to Distribution agents.

In short, an NPC agent will give you a mission to find a signature, fly there, do some hacking, bring back a special mission item, return it, and get ISKs, LPs and standings as reward.

I like the idea. While I don’t think many will do them is a new source of LP points not a bad thing. It’ll help reduce prices for faction gear if anything.

… i know exactly what he wants. that’s why i only quoted the one part about how harder missions shouldn’t be harder just give better rewards.

and it still doesn’t answer why not just do a data/relic site

faction items don’t need to be lower in price nor is that universally a good thing


Then why did you post “lol wut”?

you need to at least bother to inject reading comprehension. it would be a favor to all of us if you trained a few levels as well

So you’re just another troll. Gotcha. Was my first thought, but then I wanted to give you a chance to stop with it. Anyhow, troll away, mate.

yes i’m the troll that’s why you quoted just shy of the part that answered your question

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You think anyone wants to argue with you when you’re trolling? … No.

Now, do explain why it’s bad to have a bit more LPs coming into the market. I like faction gear. I like deadspace items even better, still. I also like lower prices. Are you saying you don’t?

how is asking why you should get more rewards with no extra effort trolling?

oh idk what about the people selling the items?

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You mean people like the OP?

i mean people using it as a source of income not people like the op who for some reason are allergic to the normal data/relic sites

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That would be the OP.

If everybody is a troll then you are also a troll.

Lets go with the old rules of the internet.


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i thought the oldest rule was “yes everyone on messenger wants to rape you”.

How about missions that (Do not) lower standings with other empires?

Last I checked, I can sell toilet paper to anyone on the planet and not offend a single governing body.
Same with bicycles, rocking chairs, cars, industrial equipment, furniture in general any type of raw industrial material (excluding uranium for some reason) any type of food, plant or organic material (as long as it does not contain seeds or self germinating properties to/for/of/including but not limited to an invasive species, parasites or diseases or contain opiates, cocaine or marijuana) and everything is fine… No one hates me or will want to kill me over time for selling virtually ANYTHING as a merchant. (Selling weapons also seems to be a big no no, oddly enough)

So, how about those missions for starters?

(( Whispers lowly) and oddly enough, you can sell all of the no no’s in any country legaly, so long as you have the right permitting and/or sanctioning approval.)

So it would be reeeeeeealy nice to be able to do missions that don’t sh*t on your standings with other empires.

Like flying a red cross or red crescent hospital/relief ship or supplies to a region stricken by plagues and diseases natural disasters or torn by the ravages of war…

Or delivering Aunt Jamimas famous pancake mix from one side of an empire to another?
Or taking passengers on a tour of the empires?

For gods sakes, name one country that forbids LEGO’s.

choices and consequences is literally what this game is about

lol … You think? How about:


All products these days fall under some form of regulation. Even toilet paper needs to meet standards.

Regarding it being nice not to lose standings, well, you can always run missions for SoE. At least with them you don’t lose any standing with the empire factions last I’ve checked. But let’s not forget that the empires are at war and you also don’t lose as much as you gain. You only need to find a good rotation to work your way up with each of them.

Thing is, you can never earn the key to the city so to speak.