Eve needs user saved 'workspaces' similar to Linux OS

(Mustache Dealer) #1

The game should have the ability to save certain UI presets so the user doesn’t have to move a lot of stuff around depending on their activity. For example:

  • You create your ideal PvP workspace UI layout
  • Ideal industry layout
  • Chat window positions for certain activities etc…

User can create a button for different workspaces on their neocom to switch between them. Layout options include workplace specific transparency options and UI themes.

(Salt Foambreaker) #2

-1 EVE needs so much more than this.

(Old Pervert) #3

+1, preset UIs are presently a major pain in the ass.

(Zhilia Mann) #4

I could get behind this. Not sure what the technical challenges are but I suspect that, as usual, they’re way more significant than it would seem. In concept though? Sure.

(Old Pervert) #5

Technical aspects are relatively moot; no new resources need to be loaded, you just need to move them.

Same type of impact, realistically, as importing a new overview pack. Just on a more broad scale. You’d probably need to have the client do a full UI refresh (that last stage when you log on, presently) but since the data, textures, resources, etc are all loaded up already, it’d be pretty fast.

(system) #6

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