EVE needs your vote to win a Webby Award!

Today is your last chance to vote for Project Discovery as ‘Best Public Service, Activism & Social Impact Game’ in the 25th Annual Webby Awards. Vote now to help EVE win the internet’s top honor!

Please take a minute of your time to vote now and get your contributions recognized.


This is the third vote brigading post about this Webby award now? Don’t you think this is a little bit too much begging? Especially since PD is leading well ahead of the competition already? This starts to feel like Jita ISK beggar spam.

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Baby Award goes to @Zhalyd_Lyehin .:clap::clap::clap::baby::baby::baby:

We learned from the best haha

But this will be the last one. Our lead was shrinking slowly just before the percentages went dark for the last 24 hours. So there’s still a risk for our top competitor (the healthy meals app) to overtake us here.


Obviously you do. It would probably help if you made the forum header a link to this topic. I had to go back into my notifications to find this topic because I could not find it in the topic overview in the forum’s main page. And please tell Avalon (or who is in charge of developing the forum) that the CSS is broken for the header. The “vote here” text that is blue in this topic is not highlighted in the header.

A friendly advice from the Baby Award winner, because only babys give good advice on this forum. :slight_smile: @Neo_Bladedrifter

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I guess the voting is now closed? I voted, not sure if it counted though as the email verification on the webby awards didn’t work. However, from what was said by the Professor on the PD twitch livestream saying it would make their job easier did persuade me to vote. I hope you win the award and make your professional job easier o7

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Yep, voting is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!

I hope you’ve been transparent about the collasal bot addiction you have. It is allready a bit oof pretending automated clients are players to boost your player numbers but from multiple videos on YouTube & reddit posts it seems botting was just as prevelant in PD?

Will you be releasing this issue for peer review? There being zero point in using PD as a human data point if bots were farming it?

I see we have chat bots of the forum now, may no stone be left unturned.

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