EVE NERF and Omega Pro Max?

CCP knows all… :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:

All is said in the article

NERF is available for free for the next 24 hours for all capsuleers but will become a part of Omega Pro Max, the new visionary subscription tier designed to elevate your EVE Online experience to unprecedented heights.

Omega Pro Max is more than a subscription.

At last I can listen to Below the Asteriod on repeat

From the jukebox, these are to most recognisable songs to me

Below the Asteriods
My other Residency
All Which was lost has now been regained
Green Nebula
Home at Last

Love the Outback Air experience!

Jokes aside, I really enjoy the Rebel Radio and the various links to screenshots, EVE stories and other sites.

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brb throwing more $$$$ at CCP. :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :fire: :100: :moneybag: :money_with_wings:

Let’s not get carried away here, it’s a solid 24 minutes of entertainment, but no more than that

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Having the lore links on the launcher is a very good idea.
Let’s keep that at least.


Agreed that Rebel Radio, Readnought/Lore, and ACN/Scope News probably rate a permanent place in the launcher.


My nerf is gone :sob:
Why CCP…

Where is that Omega Pro Max buy option :thinking:

Honestly it’s kind of a dick move to spend the time implementing something that was actually good and then just delete it. Bring back the music, lore and news (but ALL the music this time).


The lore and news can already be found on the main website.

I just wonder where I can find those classic songs without having to make an account for soundcloud or similar.

I think it was a clever move by CCP. A stealth survey of the playing folks (supplementing the up-front one which landed recently in my inbox), recording click-throughs and providing an opportunity to review comments made here and elsewhere.

And all disguised as an Easter entertainment. Smart.

Well there’s this: Jukebox (vargur.dev) but it’s not complete.

There’s also the high seas…


was deemed OP, got nerfed.

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I seem to recall that CCP put the Eve soundtrack on SoundCloud when they made the change originally.

Checked And it still is


Thank you for participating in the trial period for Omega Pro Max and the New Eden Recreational Feed. We had a lot of fun dreaming up these apps, and we hope you’ve found the NERF entertaining!

When we introduced the beta for EVE Online’s new launcher last year, we took our first steps on a journey of iterative improvements to increase security, enhance user experience, and incorporate many long-requested features, such as launching directly to characters.

The apps we implemented in NERF were part of our exploration to test the new launcher’s possibilities, both in terms of function and value to the players. We were very excited to share some of these tests with you and are very happy to see the feedback we received from the community. Tests like these are immensely valuable and will help us as we continue developing the launcher.

For those sad to no longer have access to Rebel Radio, Instalock, or Readnought, if you’ve accessed them before, you can still access them via the tool menu in the launcher. Press Ctrl+F (Command+F for MacOS users) to access the menu. They will be listed under Unlocked Features.

If you missed out on the NERF trial, there are some hidden keywords you can search for in that tool menu:

  • :belowtheasteroids for Rebel Radio
  • :eveisbeautiful for Instalock
  • :fedo for Readnought
  • :oz for Outback AIR

Stay tuned for more updates very soon!


Excuse me, is it because I’m too late, or am I doing something wrong? But I can’t seem to find ‘Unlocked Features’ option : (

You had to have previously accessed them while they were available, I believe.

Otherwise your only option is to upgrade to Omega Pro Max.

Gotta upgrade to Omega Pro Max ++ now :wink:

almost omega# !!