EVE New Singularity Testing Locations

I have an idea in terms of testing locations, other than M-OEE8 & FD-MLJ

CCP should add a testing location in the following areas:
1-DQ1A or anywhere in Delve
Anywhere in Stain

The purpose is that players would not have to travel all the time and can enjoy ratting in new places. As of now, accessing Guristas and Serpentis sites are OK as they are near M-OEE8/FD-MLJ and or the system next to it. The Rogue Drone combat sites, Angel, Sansha, and Blood Raiders are very difficult for other players to access because of a long distance. I hope you can take my idea into consideration as it would really help other players out. I have spoken to some other players on the test server and they stated that it would be great as well.

  • Jubayr

Or you could perhaps, and I know this is a radical suggestion, actually play the game on the game server rather than just playing on the Testing Server.


Did you just tell someone else they should do what you want to do?

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