EVE News – Website update

't will be christmas then. Donner and Blitzen poked their heads through the snowy blanket that veils our earth. With christmas comes life, and hope.
Let us see what christmas will bring to us.

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Their dynamic website design has still not been fixed. This is with 0% Zoom. I have to zoom in at least 50% on the website to make the full header picture visible but then I don’t see any text at all.

Hey hey, I’m back. Was on paternity leave. How’s things?


Hey! Glad you’re back, and congratulations on the little one!

Things aren’t too terrible, despite the usual doom and gloom of some of the forum regulars heh, do gotta admit I’m mighty curious about the progress of that Tea percolation you and DZ had mentioned before you went on leave :smiley:

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Thanks o7
Yeah I’m curious too, I just arrived back at the office yesterday, let me do a bit of rummaging.


Congratulations & welcome back!

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thanks, good to be back <3



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I have verified that things are happening. More I am not at the liberty to reveal :coffee:

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Another deflection post? Seriously?

Have you read the thread?

IF ( thats a very big if ) there really is something in the works then show and tell something. anything

Otherwise … its just deflection.

I have already said more than I should :male_detective:

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Latest EVE-news: @CCP_Fleebix confirmed on the official forums that neko ears are coming to the character editor with the latest patch. :smiley_cat:


OK, first let me say I am not really aiming my ire towards you @CCP_Fleebix in particular you are presumably just following the rules / protocols around posting on the forums (lets ignore the fact that dev’s post stuff to reddit).

I am aiming at the entity that is CCP. Those of us that have been here for a while remember when CCP was open, when plans and roadmaps were freely posted for discussion. Those discussions (usually) led to changes and improvements in the plans.

These days the development policy seems to be one of silence until release, heck even the things that get put on SISI rarely get changed in response to feedback.

This way of working has led to things like The Red Dot, the New Skill UI and look at the forum feedback for those features.

@CSM Is this something that you guys have discussed with them? Is it something you see as a problem?

And I will now shut the hell up in this thread.


I can neither confirm nor deny this at this particular point in time.