EVE News – Website update

thank you @Chan_aar :heart:

@CCP_Fleebix , adding my nagging to the bunch :stuck_out_tongue: additional reminder we are here lol


Two more weeks, and another poke and prod @CCP_Fleebix , I know y’all are working on it, and things will come in time, but I’m keeping the candle lit!

Meh. Same crap the useless launcher throws at me.

Was hoping for ingame news and lore relevance.

Inb4 its another front page for sp and plex sales

It’s something being worked on.

Many capsuleers would write articles for free. This could have been a really decent source of entertainment and engagament, since I tune into imperium.news every morning on the toilet, even though I am a highsec carebear.

Are we poking for relevance?


Its more a ritual at this point @Ricky_Tock , and one I’m somewhat fond of haha. CCP Fleebix and Delegate Zero are working on a thing, they haven’t given too many specifics, but it relates to finally getting the ‘World News’(which is on a site three iterations behind) available on the new News Site.

If you want some entertaining in-universe player articles, I may point you toward Rumors, Gossip, Tabloids! or Ishukone-Raata Certified News GalNet Hub. :smiley: there’s a few others as well but things well worth taking a look at regardless
(For context, Rumors gossip tabloids is a generalized thread to dump articles of varying sorts that you don’t attribute directly to your character or organization or just want out in the wild, and IRCN’s galnet hub is specifically a corporate sponsored news setup by I-RED)


Are they though? really? How do we know? Cryptic hints here and there … sorry but its not enough.

IF they are working on something why don’t they just come out and say what they are working on and what the rough timescale might be ( I’d take which quarter of which year )

Instead we get the text equivalent of smiling into coffee.

At this point I quite frankly don’t believe there is anything being worked on at all.

Non-Disclosure Agreements on various projects and as terms of employment are fairly Common in the industry, and is largely what I chalk it up to.

Not quite sure how NDA’s prevent employee’s (developers) from producing a Dev-Blog laying out what their plans are. Thats kind of the idea of Dev-Blogs.

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I largely prefer some level of optimism in these things, and so far, I’m inclined to keep that optimism personally.

As for NDA, many things are covered by it until its readyto be talked about more specifically. shrug

Thats 4 months.

Need we continue with this charade ?


@CCP_Fleebix , the periodic reminder returns :smile:



Five months and not even a teaser to say what you might be working on. Just another example of the deflection posts that CCP’ers have got so good at.

I’m done with this thread.

Paraphrasing Hilmar … I watched what you did (or didn’t) rather than listen to what you said


And the header picture scaling is still not fixed. The entire thing is messed up. On my 6" phone the header picture is tiny so that you can barely see what’s written on it but the text in the article is huge. On my PC it’s the opposite and the picture is so huge that it doesn’t show the entire picture and the text in the article is tiny in comparison.

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get a bigger phone. :upside_down_face:

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Despite my usual bottomless enthusiasm, even I find myself losing some steam and optimism now. @CCP_Fleebix , the reminders will continue periodically, regardless.

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We’ll get you a Bitter Vet Badge. Welcome to the club.

Already have one, just over different aspects of things, lol

@CCP_Fleebix , almost six months down thee line now… hope things are alright