Eve not dying, Eve never lived

How can die something that never lived, it more existed, occupied some small space, than a lived in full sense…

If you dislike it so much, why are you here?


Another pointless waste of a thread…


What is dead may never die…

:blowfish: :tropical_fish:

The world record of the biggest PVP battle in a video game disagree with you.

That was not “battle”, that was arranged TiDi meeting …
Do you have something real to say ???

In CCP avertisment griefers was not mentioned.
I spend my money on Eve just to be griefed, and now is payback time.

post ur killmail

Or perhaps this is more suitable:

Do YOU have something interesting to say, for once ?

We have way better things to do than hear you cry everyday. I’m just here because you’re an easy picking.

Yes I have something to say: Eve is big scum, but what goes around come around, and Mery Mens from Island already experienced it …

So have you lost a freighter that had all of your wealth in it or a ratting / exploration ship that you spent your entire wealth on, that triggered your rage? :smiling_imp:

Behold the madness: https://evewho.com/corp/LSG+Backyard+Guard

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Thread closed for a lack of content.