If Eve were to disappear tomorrow

All items destroyed, no revive or remake, the forums all vanish, all corporations, all games (dust, Valkyrie, wrecks/shells that never saw the light of day) deleted, etc. No refunds either. Would you view Eve as…

  • Well worth the money
  • Not worth the money
  • Worth the money but realizing you spent a lot and have nothing to show for it
  • Not worth it and realizing you lost a lot for nothing
  • Don’t care
  • Don’t care (F2P)
  • Not surprised

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Well, its time to start ganking in the bus stops …


I’d be disappointed for sure, but I’ve gotten pretty good value out of eve over the last 10.5 years. I really doubt ccp would just up and disappear like that. I’m sure there would be a pretty big uproar on twitter from devs showing up to work and finding the doors are locked. Or getting sent home one day and being told not to come back.

I’d like to know in what world those devs would live when they wouldn’t see that one coming from miles away.

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At least the EVE Monument will still stay.That is what I care about.


Sorry my art skills are not that good :roll_eyes:


Worth the money. Honestly any game you put money into gives no tangible things in return, but if you play with friends it gives experiences that are well worth it. Other MMOs I have played have died (best example is City of Heroes/Villains, I played mostly Villains :smiling_imp:) I do not regret paying to play it.

I’ll miss it but the game is worth the money as it’s the coolest hobby I ever enjoyed.

I’d miss it, it has been a part of my Life for many years. met some really awesome people.

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I won’t care so much since I have only got this game sometime after it became free to play. That said, while I admit that I don’t prefer this sort of game genre (at least in terms of movement and combat, but not for the space theme), I do love the lore and the community that surrounds EVE: Online - I’d be sad to see it go, especially considering how recently I’ve just joined in.

I’d finally be free . . .

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Who else saw 42 votes cast amd just couldn’t bring themselves to vote?

Worth every single penny, all the time not so much :grin:

:smile: I larfed.

The support is amazing, I an only assume at least a few of you have been around since the beginning, and stayed because you loved it so much

I’ll finally be freeeee! This is the last game I keep playing, but I just can’t let go of it…trying to…must let go…almost there…not. Hooked more than ever. I have a goal I am chasing, but I fear when I reach it I’ll just raise the bar.

50-50 split between A-B what do?

I would for sure miss Eve if it were to ‘disappear’. It’s been filled with so many memories and just overall a lot of great times and the idea of not being able to do that anymore to log on and shoot things with friends makes me sad.

That being said; I marked “Well Worth the Money” because those memories and friendships are indeed, well worth the money spent! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I play it solo. Really don’t know anyone and I’ve played on and off for a long time. It’s relaxing to sit and spin ships, mine Scordite and fool around making ammo or something and selling it in Dodixie. Yeah, I’d be bummed and kinda fidgety without Eve.

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