Eve-O have to syscall out of 2nd client

Yeah, I woulda tossed it in their thread, but it has like 25 thousand responses which prevent me from speaking :slight_smile: . I only run 2 alt at the time right now on windows 11 - but closing 1 causes the other to BSOD my pc, almost - something going on there, should look into it. Nice program otherwise :+1:

Just double tested it - and it might be on eveโ€™s side, maybe just for me - disables the escape key (syscall), and makes me end the process outside of itself. Very bad bug if you think this preview a great feature for multiboxers of the game - Iโ€™m a real person versus a bot though, not sure how they got it set up. And I risked a good billion in deathlike territory to log off - , should look into this programming - i havenโ€™t programmed in a long time and doubt i could code a fix.

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