EVE-O Preview v5.1.0 "Able Actor" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2021-05-08 ] + limited Linux support

Understood, thanks!

Update :
Setting “CompatibilityMode”: true, indeed fixed the preview
Thank you Erwin, Tonto, and Phrynohyas.

However, on click, eve window is not focused. I’ll wait the patch

Is there a way to make EVE-O Preview’s preview thumbnails not persist across desktops?

I frequently use Window 10’s multiple desktops.
i.e. Work-related stuff on one desktop and EVE-related on another.
My clients are in “windowed” mode and tiled across multiple monitors.
I use the EVE-O Preview thumbnails grouped in corners of the monitors to enable quick switching of clients for that particular monitor.
The thumbnails are not above any other clients or windows.

There is an option from Windows, through the Task View, to enable/disable the persisting of applications/windows across desktops.

(Windows 10 Virtual Desktops: Manage virtual desktop like a pro in Windows 10 | Windows Community)

Currently, there seems to be only two options for resolving this:

  1. Toggle the “Hide previews when EVE client is not active” option, or
  2. Toggle the “Previews always on top” option

Unfortunately, those options can create problems when trying to use EVE-O Preview.

Issue - “Hide previews when EVE client is not active” enabled:
The previews will cycle on/off when using the thumbnail to select a client.

Issue - “Previews always on top” disabled:
The previews will disappear completely, regardless if the EVE client is selected, as if the render for those thumbnails is being disabled. The overlays on the previews will persist across multiple desktops.

These 2 issues will be addressed in the upcoming release


Can u create fps limiter to eve windows if it possible (not hide). I think, when eve client not hided u not take micro-lag for some case

Set EVE clients to “Interval one”. They won’t take more resources than necessary.


Every time I turn on the program, whether my clients are already open and logged in, or if I turn it on before logging in, the windows will resize themselves from what they were saved at. It’s frustratingly annoying that they wont stay there and they always need me to set them back to the right sizes.
Here is an example of it. The sizes it sets to are seemingly random and inconsistent

Yep. Known and is being worked on

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i have a problem.
My preview windows are freezed. They dont show the actual game window.
What can i do?
I didnt change anything as far as i know.

Hey this software still working and legal to use it for mining or ratting? with omega of course o7

Only CCP staff qualified to answer this question. And not on the forums.

It is a part of the EVE Partner program, it has its own topic on official forums.
So at least EVE-O Preview is not forbidden.

Is it possible to set which monitor the client uses in the .json file? I’m having a very rough time using an Ultra-Wide monitor and a 1080p monitor. The client opens up on the wrong monitor every time. Below is an example of two clients using two different resolutions. The 3440x1440 would need to be on one monitor and the 1920x1080 on the other. Is there a way to code this correctly?

“ClientLayout”: {
“EVE - Character Name”: {
“X”: -1920,
“Y”: 203,
“Width”: 1920,
“Height”: 1080,
“IsMaximized”: false

“EVE - Character Name”: {
“X”: 0,
“Y”: 0,
“Width”: 3440,
“Height”: 1440,
“IsMaximized”: false

I would appreciate if the fix for Kenobi’s reported issue were made an option - I actually like having the thumbnails persist across virtual desktops.

My use case: Desktop 1 contains Client A and its supporting browser window (e.g. a map, such as DOTLAN or Pathfinder). Desktop 2 contains Client B and its own supporting browser window (e.g. another map for THAT character, or Jita trade info, etc. depending on the character). When I click thumbnail to swap client, it doesn’t just swap the client: It triggers Windows to switch the entire desktop. This way, I can configure entire virtual desktops in support of specific characters.

I can see how it would be annoying for someone trying to keep their EVE stuff and work stuff separate, though. Hence my request that the fix be made optional.

Since there’s no way to know, which character would be loaded into which window beforehand, there’s no way to sanely configure this currently, until tracking of the “EVE” window is fixed.
I suggest using some kind of window mover. If you are comfortable with programming, TCC-RT script would look like
ACTIVATE "EVE - Char Name" /POS=<left>,<top>,*,*

Thanks for this! appreciate the insight and reply.

How can I solve that problem?

I solved the problem;

I dragged all of those files into one file then the problem is gone.

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Version 5.1.0 is available

Fixes for the following issues:

  • Name overlay is still displayed on top of all windows when the preview itself is overlapped by other windows
  • Negative thumbnail coordinates are not allowed (so it is not possible to move previews to secondary display on some configurations)
  • Window position is saved for not logged-in EVE clients (this causes weird issues when several clients are waiting on the login screen)
  • Thumbnail size is reset on app startup (thanks to Haochen Wu ( wuhaochen (Haochen Wu) · GitHub ))
  • Previews flicker when switching between clients with ‘Hide previews when EVE client not active’ (thanks to moldyleftovers · GitHub )


  • QoL changes for the “Hide previews when EVE client is not active” option:
    • Added configurable delay before previews disappear when this option is active. By default this delay if set to 1 second. If needed refer to the documentation to find out how to change the delay.
    • Previews do not disappear when the main application window is opened. This should make it a bit easier to make configuration changes when this option is active.

Is it possible to add version text to the name of a binary release archive?