EVE-O Preview v5.1.0 "Able Actor" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2021-05-08 ] + limited Linux support

It seems the “Track client locations” option doesn’t work at all in 5.1.0.
The config is not changed with tracked window locations.

There is an unobvious thing in this feature from the very first versions of EVE-O Preview (once I’ll fix it, I promise):
The client locations are not saved immediately. Once you set your client windows as you need them to be switch between clients clicking on their previews and then open the main app window and trigger there any option (f.e. set off and then again on the Minimize to System Tray option). This will flush the config file to the disk and will save the client locations.
A bit clunky, I know. This behavior was introduced to minimize the config file save operations.

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A more obvious way of doing it would have been setting clients how you like them and then enable the option to track layout, I think.
Enabling would flush config. Disabling wouldn’t need to.

This still happens with 5.1.0

Could you drop me (via eve-mail) the following info:

  1. Your config file (remove char names )
  2. Your display configuration (resolution)
  3. Your GPU vendor (NVidia or ATI)


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All done and sent :slight_smile:

I have been using EVE-O for months with no problems. Works great, thank you creator for amazing product!

Im sorry if this is not relevant to this app. For last few weeks (dont remember when exactly, but it was after major update, thats for sure) my clients started lagging, weirdly enough not all my clients lag, usually its only one or two clients, I run seven clients, 5-6 of them have steady 55-60fps and one or two hardly 10fps (depends on day). EVE clients eats all my GPU.

Is it possible that its something to do with EVE-O configuration? I havent done anything to eve, app or any settings, everything is the same as it was before lags. Im sure my pc is not wired to some crypto mining or virus.
Right now im not at home, I cant give more specific details, if it will be needed I do. Please let me know!

EVE-O Preview does not anyhow inject itself into the game rendering pipeline. Actually it could manage any other application or game if it is able to run in windowed mode. You need to check you GPU settings. F.e. for NVidia there is a setting that allows to set min FPS for non-focused applications

Would it be possible to add a feature where you could put your web browser in a Picture in Picture box? The way it is now i can easily switch between charecters but switching back to the browser is several alt-tabs.

Love the product.

Hello, been using this for awhile - is there a way to alter the individual sizes of each preview rather than every thumbnail being the same size?

At this moment - no

The program stop working for one of my clients, I run 4 accounts,3 work fine but one it’s not working, any idea of what is going on? The client it’s not set to be hidden in the program options

Edit: closed all clients and re-opened and now it don’t work with any of them

Hello help please solve the problem
I don’t know what to do, I have a Windows 7 64 bit system.
I don’t know how to solve the problem.


What exactly happened?

All good, somehow a switched from fixed window to full-screen, changed back to fixed window and it’s working now.

Hello, would there be a way to implement a function for resetting all preview windows back to default position?
My case is that I switched from dual monitor setup to a single monitor setup and now I am not able to see several of the previews, the only way it worked is by reinstalling the entire program.
Thank you!

There is a configuration file (named EVE-O Preview.json ) next to the application .exe file.
You can either delete this file entirely to reset all settings or you can edit it using notepad. It is a simple JSON file.

F.e. you could delete text starting with "FlatLayout": { to reset all preview positions. For example this is a part of the config file text:

  "PerClientLayout": {},
  "FlatLayout": {
    "EVE - Phrynohyas Tig-Rah": "2368, 272",
    "EVE - My Secret Alt in TAPI": "2368, 56"
  "ClientLayout": {
    "EVE - Phrynohyas Tig-Rah": {

Edit it as such:

  "PerClientLayout": {},
  "FlatLayout": {
  "ClientLayout": {
    "EVE - Phrynohyas Tig-Rah": {

and you’ll reset all preview positions



I am using Ununtu 21.04 switched from Windows 10. I used Eve-O since its inception and Love it. I am now looking for the ability to use it again but in linux.

Check announces here and on EVE Reddit tomorrow :wink:

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Huge thanks! :slight_smile: