EVE-O Preview v5.1.2 Fork (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2022-05-09 ] + limited Linux support]

Hey. Not sure if this has been suggested before but an ability to lock preview positions would be a great addition. It’s a pain when you have it all nicely laid out then acidentally drag a preview around and have to reset it.

Easy solution for multibox daily login reward that I use.

  1. Add all accounts to one launch group.
  2. Launch that group.
  3. Set cursor on “claim” button.
  4. Click “claim” and press quit game shortcut.( Alt + shift + Q is default I think).
  5. Repeat part 4 for all account.

Useful tip: Keep holding Alt+shift all the time. It’ll make process even faster - you only need to spam left mouse button and Q.

P.S. Or you can remap “Quit game” shortcut.

That’s handy until a campaign starts and you either have to do more clicking or run the process twice

I too do this all the time. I know exactly what you mean. No promises but it’s on the radar :wink:

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I personally turn off the auto pop up on login, it just slows me down getting logged on after downtime. Then in game I claim them whenever I can be bothered or remember. It’s much easier to open them all in game, cycle the clients spamming claim, etc… But honestly, I don’t consider any of the login rewards to be worth the time and I find that it’s much more mentally freeing to just ignore they exist and therefore removing any feeling of obligation to log in every single day.


Well, if campaign starts you’ll have to do more clicking with eve-o too, right? :smiley:

Not sure why they haven’t corrected it yet (it’s just missing a zero in the URL). The correct download link for the beta is https://github.com/EveOPlus/eve-o-preview/releases/download/

direct link seems to work for me. It will be updated when Release branch is updated.
Thanks for linking the beta version. I do believe it’s far superior. However, theres a chance that any config done against Beta may need to change when it goes release. Not a big deal and I don’t think it should stop anyone from trying it out. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I see what you mean. Thank you for pointing it out!

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I am absolutely LOVING the ability to cycle through clients backward and forward in the beta! It really helps! Thank you!!!

Great Work! Please keep developing this as it is highly useful on a single ‘big’ monitor setup! Thank-you!!

Tell me how to use the hotkeys 1, 2, 3 on the numpad

Quick question on sound integration. Do you think it would be possible or against TOS to have a preview blink when a client produces a sound? Like for a mining fleet, when there is an asteroid empty or ore hold full sound alert. And not saying listening for those sounds specifically, but any sound at all since one could just turn down all other sounds.

Is there a way to save the preview window locations when a client is freshly launched?
Currently, they anchor in the top left of the main monitor until a character is selected… then they move into position after.

AFAIK it’s always been that way.
The problem I have now is that it doesn’t save window size
Also live preview is not working for me, so at this point it’s just a more convenient alt-tab

Client windows don’t have identity until character is selected. And given that different windows may have different sizes, and that resizing borderless window will destroy the interface… positioning windows before login is a questionable effort.


Thank you for picking the torch up.
I have had some gripes since i’ve migrated to Windows 11, I cannot adjust thumbnail size, when I try to do that it resets it back to 50 pixels,

Any ideas?

Easiest I’ve found is to edit JSON directly.

Has anyone recently started having issues with clients getting stuck while switching between them? I’ve been using Eve-O for a while now, had my clients assigned to numbers. And I’ve always had instant switches with now problem. But recently it seems to get stuck and then will not switch at all. And it happens all the time.

It feels like either some Windows update or Eve update did something to break it. If I turn on the “minimize inactive Eve clients” then it works better but you get that annoying effect. Also sometimes when I press the number for the client, it just minimizes and doesn’t actually load up that client so I have to click again.

If anyone else has seen this issue and knows how to fix it, please let me know!

Not sure if this is the correct place for it. But I can’t seem to get the live preview to work on my clients.

For some reason it just “pauses” the live preview despite the second client still running in the background albeit with less fps than normal (which is working as intended here)

I’m on windows 11 and use NVIDIA, I’ve already tried fiddling with the json by making the refresh rate go faster but this does not seem to do anything.

I did notice that when I alt tab and keep tabbed, that the previews suddenly do update live. So I guess it could be a windows feature or something else stopping me?

I have everything running on fixed window, not fullscreen or windowed mode itself.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem, anyone know what fixed it for them?

Uncheck “minimize incactive clients” in EVE settings.
Minimized windows do not receive canvas updates at all.