EVE-O Preview v5.1.2 Fork (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2022-05-09 ] + limited Linux support]

would you be able to make a Mac client ?

i’m having issues setting hotkeys to clients. Nothing seems to work, no amount of combinations or even F13-F24. whats even weirder is every time i close eve-o, it seems to rewrite the JSON to blank, and the ClientHotkey section is blank.

Any help would be great.

Do not edit JSON when program is running.

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I’ve been running Eve-O Preview for years, but recently (maybe last 12-18 months idk, I’ve been mostly afk) I’ve started to notice my windows desktop icons blinking through the accounts I have open on my main monitor.

I run a triple head set-up with six eve accounts spread across the left and centre monitors with the right for other apps. I’m running three accounts per monitor dedicated to Eve, with the Eve-O preview windows side by side within my EveUI. Switching between accounts and across the two monitors works just fine, but occasionally, and seemingly at random, I’ll see my windows desktop icons flash through the game clients on the centre monitor. This doesn’t seem to occur when I don’t run Eve-O Preview.

I’m running the clients in fixed window mode, obviously. Has anyone else encountered something similar? I’ve asked around, and I seem to be the only one so far.

Would it be possible to exempt specific clients from Minimizing when minimize Inactive clients is checked?
would be great to keep my scouts up and visible on 2nd and third monitors

Just uncheck “minimize inactive clients”.
I don’t understand your issue.

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i would like to have the ability to minimize certain clients while keeping others visible on separate screens. Currently, when you uncheck the “minimize inactive clients” option, it disables the feature entirely, and you can only see what a single pilot sees.

To clarify take this scenario, let’s assume you have six clients open: miners on the main display and two scouts on secondary and tertiary displays. With the “minimize inactive clients” option enabled, you can only see what a single pilot sees, which means the inactive clients would be minimized, including the scouts on the secondary and tertiary displays.

it would be beneficial to have the ability to exempt specific clients from being minimized. This way, you could scout out peripheral monitors while still keeping sight of the miners on the main display. Note: all but one of the miners will be minimized in this scenario

Then lay out and size your windows the way you want them.
I have my main screen taken by my main client, and a second screen split in 2 or 3 windows, deps on what I’m doing.
Basically, smth. like this:

│       │   │‐‐‐│

Hi @Aura_Asuna and all those involved on this project

I have been using EVE-O Preview for a while and love it so far.
I hope the following maybe of interest for further version :

Zoom on Hoover
I like this functionality for enabling me to have a quick and improved glance at what’s happening on my other characters.
Zoom factor : ok
Anchor : excellent

The only issue with this functionality is that for the thumbnail to go back to it’s original size I need to move my mouse to the new edges of the resized thumbnail.

Ex :
zoom x2,
anchor bottom left corner,
thumbnail size 900x400
then, coming from the right with my mouse, on hovering, as soon as my mouse goes under 900, the thumbnail’s width goes from 900 to 1800 and for the thumbnail to get back to 900 I need to move my mouse beyond 1800 to the right …
Would it be possible to have the thumbnail go back to it’s original size as soon as my mouse, going to the right, hit the 900 and not the 1800 … (same idea for all sides)

Imho this would make this functionality far more interesting and usable.
However if some prefer to move their mouse to 1800 this could be an option available in the settings.


Layout or screen visibility isn’t an issue for me as I run three monitors. The main benefit of minimizing inactive clients is to save system resources and limiting frame loss. I simultaneously run 12 alts, and minimizing inactive clients enables me to run all 12 with minimal impact on the frame rates of the focused client. However, it limits me to only one visible client. the ability to exempt allows for only minimizing less important clients an saving system resources but keeping other important clients open and visible

Well, with 12 clients, I think you need to fix something else.

hmm is the github repo still active? the last update is in 2022… closed source now?

Make new profiles (you can duplicate the main one you use) for each account so they have their own settings, the clients will then remember their own window positions without having to use anything external to set your windows positions.

Is there even one thing in the 5.1.2 that wasn’t in the 5.1.0, the last version by the original creator? Looks exactly the same to me.

I’m missing the ability to have different clients have thumbnails of different sizes. It’s something that is quite obviously required: One, two or maybe three characters will do pvp or scouting and you need to see when something is happening even when their window isn’t focused. For example, my secondary receives damage and I need to broadcast for reps. For this, the preview needs to be rather big to notice anything.

But other clients are far less important, for example minor alts used only to close wormholes. Their thumbnails could be tiny to enable easy switching but save screen space.

In an old thread from 2020 somebody requested this and the original creator posted that he had the feature already in an unpublished version. Yet it still does not seem to be in the program. How comes?

apologies if this already exists, please can you add the ability to change the text colour of the in window name which appears top left when enabled.

I don’t use the title bars and instead put the name inside the window to save on space but the name comes up as white, this is fine 90% of the time as space is mostly black but certain places (such as ice belts) are bright white/blue which then makes the text really hard to read.

If we could change it to say green like the old border etc it would greatly improve visibility in those light background areas

Also ty for the app, its greatly appreciated

use your graphics card control panel to limit maxbackgroundfps = 20 and maxfps to whatever refresh rate your monitor is.

This will save your GPU and let the main run full speed, only now you dont need to minimize them so you can keep them running stacked up behind the main…

/some dude with alot of accounts


This list of Keys Enum is exactly what I needed so that I could use - and = as hotkeys. Thank you!

Well this is curious. I finally got around to setting up the cycler, and it works well. Even works with Oemtilde.

However, when I use the cycler, the issue I have with ghostly names appearing where the disabled thumbnails would be now occurs consistently.

Any fix for that? Workaround would be to just park all the preview windows offscreen.

Hello, after using the Chinese client, it cannot be used. All the preview windows will stick together and cannot be separated. Can you fix it? thank you

Is there a way to increase the thumbnail size?

Kinda hard to see on a 55" tv…