EVE-O Preview v5.1.2 Fork (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2022-05-09 ] + limited Linux support]

Love the tool, Thank you

Check the PDF documentation. There is a way.
At the very latest, you could always edit JSON by hands.

love the program. used for years. recently had to reformat computer, last version i had i could set up hot key to switch between clients with one button combination. not seeing that as an option and not sure where i got that version from or what version it was… any clue what i need to add or adjust?

iam new to eve-o and i think its a great tool so thanks alot for your effort

i do have a question though.

I seem to get lag on my screen, it seems they dont update instant.

should it be like that or can i change it in a way where i can get live feed on my screens?

thanks for any feedback and assitannce


This is in documentation. Don’t minimize inactive windows.

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thank you for your help and reply


o7 Hello folks. First post on the EO forums, so sorry if I break some etiquette im unaware of.

I recently activated my 2 alt’s omegas and was recommended to EOP. The people who recommended it to me all use the original fork still. I’ve read through the posts here but didnt see anyone ask/answer the following question and I was hoping someone here would be able to help me decide which to install…

What are the benefits/drawbacks of using the fork managed by the new developer vs the original 5.whatever?

Others have recommended the original and just trying to decide which to use as objectively as possible. Thank you in advance for anyone who takes the time to respond

Guys some idea how to fix this issue? I have many monitors , could it be the issue?
My smaller o-preview windows are always black, meanwhile on other pcs it works just fine, already tried reinstallling, nothing looks fixing it.

my biggest issue with eve-o preview, is that I cannot run multiple instances of it, the only reason I would like to do so, is that I would like 1 of my client thumbnails to be a different size then my other 3, so 3 are pvp pilots where 1 is eyes etc. I do the zoom on hover, but it becomes obnoxiously obstructive of my actual playing the game, where as if I could have just 1 thumbnail individually having zoom on hover, or have a specific size set to that thumbnail, it would be easier to watch my overview on that character. Anyway there is a work around for this, i.e. running a second instance of eve-o preview and having that one have the one thumbnail to itself?

Is there a minimum graphical setting for the preview windows to keep updating, or is it just having all of your clients on the same graphics settings? My 3 “Mains” with high graphics always update, but the 3 miners with lowered graphics settings don’t update after their first switch.

[edit]: I FIGURED IT OUT. In case anybody comes across this in the future, my mining alts had defaulted back to Full Screen from Fixed Window, so their screen would minimize on switching away.

Any other multiboxers have problems with clients locking up (white screen) for 10-30secs? I don’t play without eve-o, so i am not sure if it’s a EVE problem or EVE-O.

This started happening since havoc and I feel has gotten worse after the first few patches. Anyone else running into these issues?

The preview windows go black when i move them to another monitor is there any fix for this?

I wonder if he is still mantaining the app.

hello, any guide or help set this up on linux… on manjaro?

@Aura_Asuna is there any way you can add support for 4 groups of characters instead of just two? I tried making a third group but everytime I start the EVE-O client it overwrites that new group in the json file.

all the windows need to be maximized

Seeing as the source code is available from the links above I just changed the font & border myself and re-compiled it.

Where’s the source code for this version, the code in the releases section is for 5.1.2 not

The link is directly in the first post.

The code on GitHub have the latest commit 2 years ago, which is super worrying tbh.
Ofc. it’s MIT license so, releasing the wrong source with your release is really bad practice, if not breaking the license?
But, since it have been ask here on the forum with no reply, I would suggest either emailing or making an issue on GitHub, as sharing the source really isn’t optional.