EVE-O Preview v5.1.2 Fork (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2022-05-09 ] + limited Linux support]

So is the latest message from the OP.

hi i’d like to map my ‘nextclient’ hotkey for this program to my mouse buttons. anyone know what it calls those?

[update: “LButton” & “RButton” for mouse buttons in switching client hotkey stuff]

followup: I just can’t seem to get my mouse buttons to cycle through the clients and i’m sure I wrote it correctly in the json.

2nd followup: and i cleared all my eve hotkeys for mouse buttons so wtf

Having trouble switching between accounts using hotkeys, when “minimise inactive clients” is off it wont switch to different clients unless my mouse hovers over the eveo window or , and when its on it switches and minimizes inactive clients, but sometimes it fails to maximise the client selected and lands you on your desktop page, meaning you have to press the button again. All my clients are on fixed window mode.

also been completely unable to get cyclical client switching working, even with a corpmate who actually knows what hes doing helping me. but one problem at a time.

Replying so this topic doesn’t close

I have issues when restarting my computer EVE preview windows revert to some weird size and I dont seem to be able to save my setup anywhere

How do i make the user interface bigger… min is so small i cant even read the text on it, ive tried adjusting the resolution on my screen, and that doesnt help. and theres not way to grab the edges of it and make it larger… if anyone has a way to fix this it would be much appreciated.


One of my corp mates logged in to this. The only tool they are using is EVE-O preview setup with keybinds for switching windows. Perhaps worth looking into?


Any comment on the above?

Any comment on the above?

Only this:

I briefly checked the code - it still doesn’t ever touch the EVE client internals and it does bot modify in any way. Windows API used there is the same that is used for handling Win+TAB

So don’t use botting software or input automation or you will be banned. Regardless of what ‘your friend’ is saying

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I don’t like your implication of lying. I am only trying to inform of a possible issue.

He has been using SMT and EVE-O Preview. He does not have a fancy smancy keyboard that can do macros or software that can mimic this. He has an ongoing case with CCP and have provided video evidence of his setup. No word yet.

He was multiboxxing upwards of 10 Stormbringers for site farming and was primarily using EVE-O Preview as client switcher for fast execution.

CCP’s process isn’t 100% accurate for catching bots and macro users. Sometimes if a multiboxer is very good at what they are doing, it might seem on their end they are macroing. I have had friends with similar instances in incursions. You just have to petition it and offer as much proof to the contrary as you can provide.

I can switch clients using hotkeys for every client 1-2-3-4-5-6
however, IF I want to use cycle trough clients I can use any NUMPAD but not my mouse?
I used Mouse4, MouseKey4, Mouse5,MouseKey5, ect but it does not recognise the mouse at all

what should I put in the .json file ?
I have Logi G502

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My own solution to a similar problem was that I remapped mouse side keys to keyboard. Turned out to be extra useful, especially in times, when application does not have a special recognition of mouse buttons.

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