Eve Oline is a Religion. CCP is God

Eve Oline is a Religion. CCP is God.

Just putting things into perspective for those of you crying about recent and/or distant changes to this game.

Gods do NOT care about how mere mortals feel. Nor do they care about what we think.

Just continue to pay homage or suffer their wrath!


Then is the CSM the priest cast? And are ISD the righteous wielders of holy hellfire?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


It is also a well-known fact that when gods lose their followers to the worship of another entity, they end up on the pages of textbooks.

The same may happen with CCP - they could end up as news in gaming magazines and portals about the fact that, as a result of wrong decisions, this publisher has gone out of business.


Drunk posting huh?

Also I guess you’re just looking to get banned again?

You are kind of right. There are even predictable behaviors and responses from people.

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Except this God is real, and capable of listening to the followers and capable of adjusting Their course after the followers tell Them They made a mistake.


You may call me Pope Brisc. Not to be confused with the Space Pope, though.


Do you ■■■■ in the woods?

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Of course!

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but do you
in the woods?

In which case, the Imperium is the Catholic Church?

*What is Mittens?

The Imperium is clearly the Church of Satan and Mittens is literally Satan himself.

This has been community canon for years already.

He’s the boogie man…after all, he wore a god damned wizard hat once.

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Alliances set their own doctrine.

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That would be Steam(community) the religion, with Valve being the religious organization and Lord GabeN being its GOD.

CCP is more like this…



Made me laugh out loud!


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