Eve On NixOS

So, Im struggling to install eve on nixos, was wondering if anybody here was familiar and or has done it before

Sorry. Don’t know ship about linux. I just wanted to point out that if you get desperate (and live in the US), you can try Eve Anywhere (which allows you to run Eve in a browser).

And sorry if I’m stating the obvious, but another option would be to set up dual boot for another version of linux (or windows) which makes running Eve easier. BTW, I don’t know why you aren’t running windows, but if your main complaint with it is privacy, you might want to check out Windows 10 Ameliorated.

And, just in case you haven’t seen it, Eve University has some instructions. I once heard someone complain that it was out of date, but it’s been edited since then, so maybe it’s good to go now.

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Post me a vid’ of EVE running on HaikuOS

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Works great for me on NixOS, unless when they break the client with every new update. Check this repo for good wine overylay and other libraries GitHub - Acizza/nixos-config: Personal NixOS configuration.

If you have nvidia then you could use dxvk, otherwise mesa with radv works great for my radeon.

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I had been running Lutris with DXVK on my Radeon no problems, untill these specialists modified the launcher and now no luck. Linux launcher is working for me.

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